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“Robin Hood, men in
twights (ouch)”

Friday 18th December
2009, 3.30pm GMT

hmobius Don't forget to watch #twitpanto at 3.30pm gmt. Heckle, eat popcorn, annoy the girl in front etc I' 14:36:20
mazzawoo @siwhitehouse No flash photography, please ;) #twitpanto 14:36:42
dracos Less than one hour to #twitpanto. Obviously plenty of time to implement @alexhughes' good suggestion to the site! 14:37:18
jonhickman @siwhitehouse if it doesn't have a hologram that could be a mistake. There's a lot of counterfeit #twitpanto tickets doing the rounds 14:40:40
jonhickman @jigar_patel OK, now sit back and watch #twitpanto 14:41:01
mazzawoo @benjiw erm Bop, I think <omigodstagefright> #twitpanto 14:41:47
benjiw @urbancoffeeco I'm heading your way for #twitpanto fun. See you shortly. 14:45:12
jonhickman Cock. Expecting a delivery, what's the betting he arrives during the performance of #twitpanto 14:45:20
editorialgirl OoooooOOOOOOooooooooh... 45 mins til the #twitpanto starts. Preparing to tweet as Maid Marian, for your bemusement. Er, amusement. 14:45:53
jonhickman Someone's nervous - #twitpanto #greenroom toilet is not pleasant. 14:47:56
twitpanto absolute chaos at — fun chaos but we're glad of @dracos's set building skills 14:48:40
cataspanglish @jonhickman glad I'm Far Far Away then... #twitpanto #greenroom 14:49:27
peteashton Half an hour til doors open for #twitpanto. On stage at 3.30. Here's the stage: 14:49:41
chrisivens Getting ready for #twitpanto Lets see, performance anxiety (check), Laptop charger (check) and a clear afternoon (check) 14:49:44
hmobius @amandapalmer @jackschofield Come & watch #twitpanto in 40mins. Heckle, eat popcorn, annoy the people in front 14:51:02
cataspanglish RT @peteashton: Half an hour til doors open for #twitpanto. On stage at 3.30. Here's the stage: 14:52:04
peteashton Just occurred to me to read the script for #twitpanto. Hmm. I don't appear to have a high profile role. Might storm off in a huff. 14:52:40
jonhickman @peteashton you kidding? you have the best bit by far #spoilers #twitpanto 14:54:02
chrisivens RT @peteashton: Half an hour til doors open for #twitpanto. On stage at 3.30. Here's the stage: 14:54:14
cataspanglish @peteashton you part is bigger than mine missus! #twitpanto 14:54:57
twitpanto @martinwake you'll miss the start by 10 mins ;) 14:55:00
mazzawoo @peteashton I've got ONE LINE lovie, me: the assistant director of a new theatre group! It's who you know! #twitpanto 14:55:03
citizensheep RT @hrwaldram: Having a bit of a #twitpanto party at Fazeley later with @citizensheep @dracos @joannageary @podnosh @getgood. Feel free ... 14:55:11
chrisivens Warning, do not buy your tickets from the touts outside. They are fobbing you off with Michael Jackson tickets. Not much use. #twitpanto 14:55:51
twitpanto Too many spoilers from overexcited cast here ;) #twitpanto 14:56:39
exsanguinator Have 2 people running around to sort my rider! I cannot work like this! if I don't have everything on my list I cannot perform! #twitpanto 14:57:07
jonhickman Three minutes til cast meeting? Time to crack a beer, stop everything else, and get ready #twitpanto 14:57:58
getgood Prince Charming: Right, cmon groupies. You've got half an hour to warm me up. #twitpanto 14:58:18
editorialgirl If you're interested, you can follow #twitpanto at (If you're not, you'll probably want to unfollow me for a bit.) 14:58:19
citizensheep And streeeetch, and bend, and streeeetch, and bend... *warming up for #twitpanto* 14:58:59
cybrum Break a leg. RT @citizensheep: And streeeetch, and bend, and streeeetch, and bend... *warming up for #twitpanto* 15:01:09
chrisivens RT @getgood: Prince Charming: Right, cmon groupies. You've got half an hour to warm me up. #twitpanto #smut Where's @podnosh 's smut-o-meter 15:01:14
getgood @helgahenry Prince Charming: You can be one of them, too Sugar Lips. Just say the word. #twitpanto 15:01:23
peteashton @mazzawoo Yes, but that's you, darling. This is me. #twitpanto 15:02:08
chrisivens @siwhitehouse Awww, please not in front of the kids #twitpanto 15:02:15
jonhickman It's like Copenhagen in the #twitpanto #greenroom - thesp's demanding last minute concessions, line changes and lots of deal making 15:02:47
peteashton @jonhickman Of course it's the best bit. There's just not enough of it. #twitpanto 15:02:48
mazzawoo @peteashton Oooh, you're going to get *such* a handbagging in the #greenroom #twitpanto 15:03:13
cataspanglish @chrisivens it's alright, the kids are BEHIND YOU! #twitpanto 15:03:45
twitpanto Not long until curtain up! #twitpanto 15:03:53
benjiw For some reason I've got butterflies in much the same way I would if actually performing on stage. Why? #twitpanto 15:04:15
peteashton @hrwaldram Am? There'll be nothing "am" about this performance my dear. I studied under Sir Johnny Gielgud donchaknow. #twitpanto 15:04:29
mazzawoo @peteashton @hrwaldram Yeah, with emphasis on the "under" *snark* #twitpanto 15:05:53
benjiw And it's not long till #twitpanto starts trending. And then follows the #spam. 15:06:04
clareedwards It's nearly #twitpanto time! 15:06:46
clareedwards The kids are going to think I've gone mad #twitpanto 15:07:02
peteashton @benjiw @probablydrunk Sigh. I'm working with bloody amateurs. Again. Get my agent on the phone... #twitpanto 15:08:15
getgood @priddy Prince Charming: The Ladeez are dressing me up right now! #twitpanto 15:08:46
exsanguinator One last item to find, think they may find it in time! Warming up vocals now, MEMEMEMEMEME!!! LALALALALALAAAA!!!! #twitpanto 15:08:53
benjiw @peteashton LOL. I've performed at the National, doncherknow. #twitpanto 15:09:10
ewan Right then darlings, I;m in the changing room - who's got my codpiece? #twitpanto (starting in 20 minutes!) 15:09:24
mazzawoo @benjiw @peteashton . . . and I've played at Glastonbury, so nerr #twitpanto 15:09:49
probablydrunk @peteashton i'll have you know that last year my Dick was the toast of london #twitpanto 15:09:52
jonhickman No one will know if I sneak one in now #twitpanto #greenroom (NB - body warmer - freezin in here!) 15:11:19
benjiw RT @RobChidley: @benjiw butterflies for the #twitpanto ? Maybe because Twitter has millions & millions of users who could see you? 15:12:10
hmobius Fire engines have pulled up outside #twitpanto. Who's set fire to that kids hair in the foyer? 15:14:40
TomAttwood Support #twitpanto, add a #twibbon to your avatar now! - 15:15:29
benjiw @gabysslave OMG! I only asked for a Spiced Chai and a cupcake. I even paid for that myself. #robbed #twitpanto 15:15:50
cataspanglish @gabysslave well he does have a very large part... #twitpanto 15:16:04
jonhickman Hey @joannageary remember: as narrator, it's pretty much all on you. No pressure mate. #twitpanto 15:16:06
peteashton Right, that's it. I've had enough. I QUIT THIS CHARADE. [crosses arms, nose in air] ♫ la la la ♫ can't hear you... #twitpanto 15:16:12
mazzawoo @theaardvark I bet he doesn't bother to turn his mobile off either. #twitpanto 15:16:30
ewan RT @TomAttwood: Support #twitpanto, add a #twibbon to your avatar now! - 15:16:40
benjiw Everyone wave bye bye to @davestephenson as he doesn't want to follow #twitpanto *waves* 15:16:46
mazzawoo @benjiw Everyone wave bye bye to @davestephenson as he doesn't want to follow #twitpanto *waves* <--- bye bye 15:17:32
jonhickman @mattheadline it's a family show, keep it buttoned. #twitpanto 15:17:50
getgood @priddy Prince Charming: The Groupies slapped by thighs for me. #twitpanto #smut 15:18:32
cybrum My twitterstream will be full of twitpanto nonsense for a couple of hours. Don't complain. I had to read all your stupid x-factor tweets. 15:18:42
hmobius The band are starting to take their seats. It's a wonder they can tune up against that din in the auditorium #twitpanto 15:18:49
twitpanto I hope you're all ready to heckle! Make sure you use the #twitpanto tag. :) 15:18:51
jonhickman @be_b yeah, was trying to get ready for #twitpanto and finish writing exams and such. Will take a look. Thanks :) 15:19:12
ewan @bykimbo hands the person in front of bykmibo a very tall hat #twitpanto (and twirls basil rathbone esque moustache) 15:19:20
clareedwards Mine too RT @cybrum My stream will be full of twitpanto nonsense for a couple hrs-Don't complain-I had to read your stupid x-factor tweets. 15:20:19
FionaHandscomb The nerves, the nerves! What if I fluff my lines?! Oh no, hold on - it's just 'moo'... #twitpanto 15:20:33
chrisivens Anyone done a #twitpanto spotify playlist? 15:21:14
benjiw @enitharmon There were open auditions. #twitpanto is a twitter pantomime. 15:22:18
cybrum Should we ask the audience to kindly ensure all mobile devices are switched off? #twitpanto 15:22:19
peteashton I've still quit, by the way. #twitpanto 15:22:47
alexhughes - Trying out my new Twitter avatar... #twitpanto 15:23:26
probablydrunk @peteashton read your contract suger, they own your arse #twitpanto 15:23:40
citizensheep The audience are a noisy bunch. #twitpanto 15:24:39
citizensheep RT @brumhippodrome: would patrons kindly ensure that all mobile devices are switched ON #twitpanto 15:24:51
cybrum There's always one isn't there? RT @lornaparsons: *rustles sweet wrappers* #twitpanto 15:25:09
twitpanto The cast are gathering behind the scenes. They're _such_ luvvies! #twitpanto 15:25:30
ellielovell Where's my front end??!! #twitpanto 15:25:31
jonhickman @citizensheep much better than last year's #twitpanto 15:25:34
probablydrunk is it too late to mention i've been drinking pretty solidly since lunch? #twitpanto 15:25:56
getgood @priddy Prince Charming: I'm saving that for the after-show party. #twitpanto #smut 15:25:57
steve_nicholls lalalalalala (gargles) #twitpanto 15:26:01
cataspanglish Be hard to remember both my lines in this din RT @citizensheep: The audience are a noisy bunch. #twitpanto 15:26:19
clareedwards @robmacpherson yeah- he's sitting by the door so he can leave if it's rubbish #twitpanto 15:26:40
getgood @hrwaldram makes an excellent backstage tea girl. #twitpanto 15:26:44
mazzawoo RT @mandyrose1 no but Diane Parkes is #twitpanto <---- Ooh, I know her "Hi Diane" <waves from wings> 15:27:21
cybrum Such a prima-donna. RT @peteashton ; I've still quit, by the way. #twitpanto 15:27:35
citizensheep The stage manager's having kittens. @dracos #twitpanto 15:27:40
peteashton (Contract? What contract? Oh, that contact...) Okay then. I'll do it. Where's my lute? #twitpanto 15:27:45
hmobius @steve_nicholls Baron Tweetup: Try gargling with gin. Makes it go much faster. #twitpanto 15:27:55
cataspanglish RT @joannageary: Here we go! Come join in the fun at #twitpanto 15:28:01
jonhickman @twitpanto I was sure that said "the cats". 15:28:13
chrisivens Has anyone seen the Fairy Godmother? I think she's drunk on gin again. #twitpanto 15:28:20
steve_nicholls which window is which? Which way to the stage? #twitpanto 15:28:34
alexhughes - Trying out my new Twitter avatar (again)... #twitpanto 15:29:12
twitpanto Please take your seats! #twitpanto 15:29:33
chrisivens Yep, sticky carpet 8/10 today. #twitpanto 15:29:55
ewan Throws a panto-villan gaaaahhhhhh at @bykimbo for knocking the hats over, then runs back to the stage #twitpanto 15:30:02
twitpanto A small insignificant midlands town (no not that one), life moves at the pace of a Talk Talk connection. #twitpanto 15:30:39
twitpanto Peter and Katie, and their cow — Trevor — are chewing grass in the field outside their hovel. #twitpanto 15:30:55
cybrum Settle down in the audience! #twitpanto 15:31:19
ewan @ewan Guy of Glasgow: John, Edward sort these peasants. it’s a sunny day & I’m in the mood to cause all sorts of badgering fun #twitpanto 15:32:06
clareedwards Katie: This grass is tasty #twitpanto 15:33:15
exsanguinator @podnosh down in the front there! #twitpanto 15:33:46
FionaHandscomb Trevor the cow: Moo. #twitpanto 15:34:18
chrisivens Peter: what's for dinner love? Water again? #twitpanto 15:34:34
citizensheep John: Yes, boss. Great blue-sky thinking, if I may say so. #twitpanto 15:35:00
citizensheep John: Oi, you two, er four er three. Don’t you know that Sheriff @tom_watson has put a tax on grass? #twitpanto 15:35:18
cybrum Edward: It’s to pay for our City of Culture bid, you’ll thank us in the end. #twitpanto 15:36:58
FionaHandscomb Trevor the cow: MOOOOOO! #twitpanto 15:37:25
cybrum Edward: The citizens of far-off Bromwich were taxed to build a large empty box, the Privvy they called it. #twitpanto 15:37:28
citizensheep John: Last year the winner was Tracy Emin’s unmade sleeping hay, Nottingham needs that kind of culture. #twitpanto 15:37:32
chrisivens Peter: I heard Hurst was going to do half a pantomime cow in formaldehyde #twitpanto 15:38:01
FionaHandscomb Trevor the cow: *Concerned moo* #twitpanto 15:39:21
twitpanto As the cow breaks the four wall… the scene contnues #twitpanto 15:40:25
ellielovell Cow's arse: PLOP PLOP PLOP #twitpanto 15:40:47
clareedwards Katie: Cover your ears Trevor #twitpanto 15:41:08
citizensheep John: Grass tax is two groats, pay up or we rightsize your hut. #twitpanto 15:41:18
FionaHandscomb Trevor the cow: *More concerned mooing* #twitpanto 15:42:05
ewan Guy of Glasgow: /turns to the audience and laughs manically like every good panto villian in history #twitpanto 15:42:29
cybrum Edward: I've heard the Sheriffs cultural advisor Martin De Mullany wants a street festival everyday of summer #twitpanto 15:43:34
twitpanto Scene Two - Sherwood Forrest #twitpanto 15:43:47
twitpanto Robin, the Earl of Loxley has returned from war in the East, and trekked many miles to his ancestral home. #twitpanto 15:43:59
twitpanto But as he crosses through Sherwood Forest he meets a couple of old mates. #twitpanto 15:44:10
alexhughes - That Damien Hirst exhibit... #twitpanto 15:44:11
ewan Guy of Glasgow: Booooo away, don;t you know there's a flame war on? My flame, my war, how else can I stay warm! #twitpanto 15:44:51
probablydrunk Robin: Three months, that’s the last time I travel Ryanstagecoach — and I had to pay a groat to crap out of the window. #twitpanto 15:45:37
probablydrunk Robin: It’ll be great to set my Twitter location as Loxley Hall again. #twitpanto 15:45:54
jonhickman Little John: ...and I think Kevin McCloud would like to come and see what we've done with the heating #twitpanto 15:46:19
jonhickman Little John: @probablydrunk It’s good to see you Robin, but I wouldn’t open up Tweetie 2 just yet. #twitpanto 15:46:46
benjiw Much: There’ve been some changes round here since you went looking for those siege engines of mass destruction. #twitpanto 15:47:36
jonhickman Little John: We’ve got a new Sheriff, he’s taxing Nottingham to the hilt, burnt down Loxely Hall & taken Marian to the castle. #twitpanto 15:48:06
benjiw Much: He’s outlawed us for poaching & copyright infringement. Will Scarlet used ELO on a home video & now he’s a criminal. #twitpanto 15:48:27
steve_nicholls Will Scarlet: [aside] it was Violinski, actually #twitpanto 15:48:54
jonhickman Little John: But it’s not all bad, the Sherriff has introduced a tax incentive on installing new tar boilers. #twitpanto 15:49:03
jonhickman Little John: we’re living in the forest. It’s eco-friendly, it’s green. #twitpanto 15:49:28
peteashton Any minute now I'll be tweeting my first line in Twitpanto. 15:49:46
probablydrunk Robin: You mean you wipe your arse with leaves? Something must be done about this. #twitpanto 15:49:46
twitpanto Scene Three - Robin’s Camp #twitpanto 15:50:13
twitpanto So Little John, who is so called as his carbon footprint is so tiny (smug git) took Robin to the outlaw camp. #twitpanto 15:50:24
jonhickman Little John: Off to have a #goodmeeting with Much, Will Scarlet, Alan-a-Dale & Friar Tuck. #twitpanto 15:51:00
exsanguinator Friar Tuck: I just became the Mayor of Sherwood Forest on Foursquare #twitpanto 15:51:21
steve_nicholls Will Scarlet: off to have a #goodmeeting with Much, Alan-a-dale, Friar Tuck and Little John. #twitpanto 15:51:56
peteashton Alan-a-Dale: ♫ Robin’s back! ♫ Time for a celebratory song… ♫♫ #twitpanto 15:52:02
peteashton Alan-A-Dale: Don't you think it's time for a song, boys and girls? #twitpanto 15:53:16
peteashton Alan-A-Dale: Oh yes it is!! ♬ ♫♫♬ #twitpanto 15:53:46
twitpanto oh no, it isn't #twitpanto 15:54:05
dracos If you're having update trouble with #twitpanto, so is Twitter search apparently :) Try refreshing the page, and wait for the latest to load 15:54:08
exsanguinator Friar Tuck: Oh, no you won’t. The Sheriff has been ruling Nottingham while you’ve been away — slowly they’re outlawing everyone. #twitpanto 15:54:31
chrisivens Mysterious Maiden? #twitpanto 15:55:12
peteashton Alan-a-Dale: Oh, hang on. Me lute string's broke. Gimme a minute... #twitpanto 15:55:42
steve_nicholls Will Scarlet: have a word, Robin.... #twitpanto 15:56:23
probablydrunk Robin: @peteashton It definitely isn’t Al —now tell me what’s been going on… #twitpanto 15:56:42
peteashton Alan-a-Dale: ♫ I’ll explain in a ♫ song… ♫♫ #twitpanto 15:57:15
peteashton Alan-A Dale: ♬♫♪♬♪♬♫♫♬♫ ♪♫♪♬♫♪♬♪♬ ♫♫♬♫ ♪♫♪♬♫♪♬♪♬♫ ♫♬♫♪♫ ♪♬♫♪♬♪♬♫ ♫♬♫♪♫♪♬♫♪♬♪♬ ♫♫♬♫♪♫ ♪♬♫ ♪♬♪♬ ♫♫♬♫♪♫♪ #twitpanto 15:57:48
jonhickman Little John: I can restring your lute using tree bark @peteashton. I saw Bear Gryls do it #twitpanto 15:57:50
exsanguinator Friar Tuck: Oh, no you won’t. The Sheriff has been ruling Nottingham while you’ve been away slowly they’re outlawing everyone. #twitpanto 15:57:52
twitpanto The Sheriff has been ruling Nottingham while you’ve been away — slowly they’re outlawing everyone #twitpanto 15:58:24
peteashton Alan-a-Dale: ♫ I used an unlicensed sample of his daughter Lily on one of my lute mash-ups and now I have to live in the trees. ♫ #twitpanto 15:59:31
steve_nicholls Will Scarlet: I uploaded some stuff to YouTube and now I have to go to the toilet in that holly bush... #twitpanto 15:59:55
exsanguinator Friar Tuck: I audioboo’d one of the Sheriff’s stags. #twitpanto 16:00:31
dracos Doh (thanks @gabysslave) - hit refresh to get @exsanguinator on stage in his rightful place #twitpanto 16:00:49
benjiw Much: Is that what they’re calling it now? #twitpanto 16:01:00
probablydrunk Robin: @jonhickman And what about you John, what did you do? #twitpanto 16:01:18
jonhickman Little John: Oh, er nothing. I just sort of like camping. #twitpanto 16:01:45
twitpanto Act Two, Scene One - Nottingham Castle #twitpanto 16:01:58
twitpanto Meanwhile back in Nottingham Castle, The Sheriff is holding a thought shower. #twitpanto 16:02:11
TomAttwood Sheriff: I'm today's "supply sheriff". I'm just as bad, just less beardy #twitpanto 16:02:40
TomAttwood Sheriff: That can’t be true, what about broadswords? #twitpanto 16:04:18
ewan Guy of Glasgow; if we cut either of those, I predict a riot #twitpanto <warns Alan-a-dale to NOT sing> 16:04:21
citizensheep John: What about if we come at this from another angle, a lot of the people we’ve cut off have relocated to the forest. #twitpanto 16:05:10
citizensheep John: This has had the result of upskilling them in terms of stag hunting and archery. As well as leaf-bottom-wiping. #twitpanto 16:05:31
TomAttwood Sheriff: No, I’ve heard that Robin of Loxeley is back too, he’s not been on the Notts Archers page for ages. #twitpanto 16:06:22
ewan Guy of Glasgow: Hose-wearing playboy, if I read another puff piece for his crowdsourced hood threadless rip-off on Techcrunch… #twitpanto 16:06:46
ewan Guy of Glasgow: I’ll shove his bow so far down his throat he’ll have to pull his string to pull his string ifyou know what I mean #twitpanto 16:07:27
cybrum Edward: We need to disarm them — we could send warning scrolls out to anyone caught poaching. #twitpanto 16:07:52
citizensheep John: And then remove the bows if the bow is used to kill three stags. No matter who uses them. #twitpanto 16:08:15
ewan Guy of Glasgow: It’s unfair, it’s unethical. It's going to upset @Iaindale... I love it. #twitpanto 16:08:50
TomAttwood Sheriff: Let’s start the consultation exercise — I’ll blog it, let’s get the web team to set up a Wordpress site. #twitpanto 16:09:10
twitpanto Scene Two - Nottingham Castle #twitpanto 16:09:22
cybrum Edward: And give their connection a good throttling #twitpanto 16:09:24
twitpanto Unbeknownst to the Sheriff, Lady Marian and her companion Trafigura, a homely wench, were monitoring their hashtag. #twitpanto 16:09:33
editorialgirl Marian: @bounder Trafigura, did you hear that — a #3stags rule... we must tell the open rights group. #twitpanto 16:09:47
bounder Trafigura: @editorialgirl Never mind that, Robin’s back in town, I do love a man with a bit of strong arm and a thing for silk #twitpanto 16:10:04
editorialgirl Marian: Oh, Robin? I’ve unfollowed him. Not one tweet from the crusades — he obviously doesn’t care. #twitpanto 16:10:30
bounder Trafigura: I wouldn’t be so hasty, there’s not a lot of men round here with much drive. His shaft sends me all a quiver. #twitpanto 16:10:52
editorialgirl Marian: Trafigura - you’re to go to the forest in disguise and tell them what we know. #twitpanto 16:11:34
twitpanto Scene Three - The Forest #twitpanto 16:11:55
twitpanto And so Trafigura, dressed as a nobleman, rode into Sherwood Forrest. Presumably she thought she was going to Center Parcs. #twitpanto 16:12:07
tom_watson *ahem* fashionably late. #twitpanto 16:12:48
jonhickman Little John: Halt — there’s a toll to play to pass safely through our forest. #twitpanto 16:14:11
getgood What's Jim Royale doing on stage? #twitpanto 16:14:20
benjiw Much: Let’s call it a little wealth redistribution. #twitpanto 16:14:22
jonhickman Little John: it's a green tax to pay for those water butts I've ordered #twitpanto 16:15:06
jonhickman Little John: @benjiw Much, where do you get all this “wealth redistribution”, “workers' control of production” stuff? #twitpanto 16:15:14
benjiw Much: It’s just good socialism, I’m campaigning for that geezer Stuart in the next election. #twitpanto 16:15:34
bounder Trafigura: @jonhickman John, it’s me Trafigura #twitpanto 16:16:08
jonhickman Little John: @bounder I wouldn’t have recognised you out of uniform. #twitpanto 16:16:47
bounder @bounder Trafigura: Yesss, enough about that — I have a message from Lady Marian for Robin #twitpanto 16:16:54
jonhickman Little John: We must blindfold you, our camp location is a secret. #twitpanto 16:17:20
bounder @bounder Trafigura: That’s what you said last time, Little John. #twitpanto 16:17:29
benjiw Much: @jonhickman Er, John, you do realise that Tuck’s added the location to Foursquare. #twitpanto 16:17:42
twitpanto Scene Four - Robin’s Camp #twitpanto 16:18:03
twitpanto So Trafigura, dressed as a man remember, is lead to the ‘secret camp’ where Robin is giving an archery lesson. #twitpanto 16:18:20
probablydrunk Robin: What’s this front bit called? #twitpanto 16:18:37
steve_nicholls Will Scarlet: The pile. #twitpanto 16:19:02
probablydrunk Robin: What are the feathery ends called? #twitpanto 16:19:15
peteashton Alan-a-Dale: ♫ Flechings ♫ #twitpanto 16:19:31
probablydrunk Robin: And what’s the middle bit? #twitpanto 16:19:51
exsanguinator Friar Tuck: [adlib] what was wrong with adding the camp to foursquare, how can I become mayor if its not on there? #twitpanto 16:19:54
jonhickman Little John: Shaft #twitpanto 16:20:43
probablydrunk Robin: its a bloody secret, friar tuck. ahem And whats the middle bit called? #twitpanto 16:21:39
jonhickman Little John [aside] of course the secret of comedy is timing #fail #twitpanto 16:21:45
probablydrunk Robin: DaAAAAAAAAmn Right. #twitpanto 16:22:10
probablydrunk Robin: And what’s the different coloured fletching? #twitpanto 16:22:37
chrisivens Peter: The cock feather? #twitpanto #smut 16:23:08
probablydrunk Robin: Again, what’s it called boys and girls? #twitpanto 16:23:33
benjiw cock feather #twitpanto 16:24:05
chrisivens Oh yeah, the Cock Feather #twitpanto #buymyalbum 16:24:30
jonhickman Little John: Cock Feather! #twitpanto 16:24:36
probablydrunk Robin: And the little groove on the arrow where it sits against the string is the Nockin, named after the village in Shropshire. #twitpanto 16:24:39
bounder @bounder Trafigura: I’ve been there, there’s only one shop. #twitpanto 16:24:57
steve_nicholls Will Scarlet: Does the No.11 go there? #twitpanto 16:25:14
probablydrunk Robin: @bounder Trafigura! You worked there for a while didn’t you? #twitpanto 16:25:37
bounder Trafigura: No time for happy memories. The Sheriff is planning a #3stags rule — we must do something about it. #twitpanto 16:25:52
probablydrunk Robin: It’ll be that Guy of Glasgow, if we could get into the castle… but it’s heavily guarded. We’d never get in… #twitpanto 16:26:17
chrisivens Peter: @steve_nicholls the no11 goes everywhere [aside] #twitpanto 16:26:24
cataspanglish ooh nockin shop - I just got it... #twitpanto 16:26:59
twitpanto Act Three, Scene One - The Archery Competition #twitpanto 16:27:36
twitpanto The day of the competition, Nottingham Castle is festive with standards and roasting meat. Robin is there, heavily disguised. #twitpanto 16:27:53
editorialgirl Marian: And so the competition continues. Guy of Glasgow is winning. Next up...? Yes, you, what's your name? #twitpanto 16:28:30
probablydrunk Robin: Er, erm, Sir Tom, er Sir Tom of, erm, MySpace. #twitpanto 16:28:44
editorialgirl Marian: Alrighty, Sir Tom of Erm MySpace, can you best Glasgow’s bull? #twitpanto 16:29:26
probablydrunk Robin: In archery we call it a gold, I’m not Phil Taylor. #twitpanto 16:29:38
tom_watson Sheriff: Daarlings no-one else in Nottingham knows the words for archery things, is that Loxley? #twitpanto 16:30:07
twitpanto Robin, archery geek, show off, poor at fancy dress somehow manages to split Glasgow’s arrow in the bull — a victory. #twitpanto 16:30:32
editorialgirl Marian: Sir Tom of Erm MySpace, I present you with the golden arrow. And Bully's special prize... #twitpanto 16:31:22
steve_nicholls Will Scarlet: Yesss! Eat my goal! #twitpanto 16:31:27
editorialgirl Marian: ...the title of PDC World Archery Champion… #twitpanto 16:31:30
tom_watson Sheriff: That’s no Tom from MySpace, that’s Robin of Loxley in a moustache and a bad wig. #twitpanto 16:32:04
probablydrunk Robin: Hey, that’s no wig — long hair is big in Jerusalem. #twitpanto 16:32:22
jonhickman Little John: Run Robin, get into the Castle… #twitpanto 16:32:27
citizensheep John: Eek; where’s he gone? #twitpanto 16:32:51
ewan Guy of Glasgow: John, Edward (err John Edwards? I'd rather have Sarah Palin as my #2). Anyway... Loxley! Get him!!! #twitpanto 16:33:08
twitpanto He's behind you! #twitpanto 16:34:02
cybrum Edward (a henchman): He's behind you! #twitpanto 16:34:11
twitpanto Scene Two - The Grand Ball #twitpanto 16:35:47
twitpanto Robin and his men sneaked into the Castle, where the twitterarti of pantoland were gathered for the free mead. #twitpanto 16:36:04
chrisivens @alexhughes Nice fletchings #twitpanto [aside] 16:36:12
jonhickman Little John: Keep your heads down, don’t let anyone know you’re here. While they’re all partying we can surround the room. #twitpanto 16:36:20
jonhickman Little John: Wow that tapestry really ties the room together. #twitpanto 16:36:35
cybrum RT @Brumcast: *sings* Run Robin, Run Robin, RUN RUN RUN #twitpanto 16:36:41
exsanguinator Friar Tuck: I’ve just deposed @tom_watson as the Mayor of Nottingham Castle on Foursquare #twitpanto 16:37:00
probablydrunk Robin: Glasgow, we meet at last. Draw your sword. #twitpanto 16:37:28
ewan Guy of Glasgow: You cross-dressing wee jimmy Krankie jessie, those hose aren't even a Tight Fit. #twitpanto 16:37:43
jonhickman Little John: Lovely grub. Updatting my food blog #twitpanto 16:37:50
ewan Guy of Glasgow: Turns to audience for a quick 80's Camp Disco number via Youtube #twitpanto 16:38:07
hmobius Baron Hartup: Watch your sstep. 'Scuse me. Bit pished. Ooh, shiny pointy thingz. #twitpanto 16:38:26
probablydrunk Robin: That’s rich coming from a man in a skirt . #twitpanto *i like scottish people really* 16:38:45
twitpanto The battle raged around the castle, while the party continued. These panto folk aren’t very observant. #twitpanto 16:39:08
cataspanglish Rumplesiltskin: Can you guess my Twitter name? #twitpanto 16:39:21
boofie @boofie: Snow White: It wouldn't be @rumplesiltskin would it? #twitpanto 16:39:52
ewan Guy of Glasgow: They've very comfortable, I think everyone in the future will be wearing one, even @doctorow #twitpanto (nod to WillGoldman) 16:39:58
cataspanglish Rumplesiltskin: Damn. #twitpanto 16:40:22
chrisivens @pigsonthewing You must be full by now? #twitpanto [aside to one greedy individual] 16:41:00
ewan Guy of Glasgow: Let' me give you a badgering warning, My badgering henchmen will kill you, with pride and prejudice. #twitpanto 16:41:05
probablydrunk Robin: Henchmen? really? How often do they get henched? #twitpanto 16:41:48
cataspanglish relieved I didn't fluff my lines, now I can relax, any malteesers left #twitpanto 16:41:51
jonhickman Little John: @cataspanglish Im a let you finish, but the Doctor has the best unknown name #twitpanto 16:42:12
getgood Prince Charming: Charming #twitpanto 16:42:16
cybrum Edward: @probablydrunk With buns like that i'll be your henchman anytime. #twitpanto 16:42:25
dracos Handsome Prince: Aren't I, and very good at data-mashing too. #twitpanto 16:42:34
getgood Prince Charming: No that's my name, Charming, Prince Charming. #twitpanto 16:43:06
dracos Handsome Prince: I think I've met your brother, Snake. #twitpanto 16:43:30
cataspanglish @graphiquillan Not Dave - got any booze? #twitpanto 16:43:58
ewan Guy of Glasgow: I’m going to hit you hard, you’re going to be played by Russell Crowe. Without prosthetics. #twitpanto 16:44:13
jonhickman Little John: Nice roast ox, organic, lovely marinade. What have you had? #twitpanto 16:44:25
dullaccountant Keeper of the Royal Dosh: Baguette Du Monde, Cheese Salad. #twitpanto 16:44:49
cataspanglish @jonhickman what is the Doctors unkown name? #twitpanto 16:45:00
probablydrunk Robin: you look like the ungodly love child of Gordon Ramsey and the Loch Ness Monster #twitpanto 16:45:41
probablydrunk Robin: I’m getting a little bored of this party, the food was good tho’. #twitpanto 16:46:55
hmobius Baron Tweetup: You’re putting the mead away tonight Cinders, most unbecoming of a Princess. #twitpanto 16:48:08
boofie @cataspanglish Oi, before you hit the booze, don't I win something for guessing your name right? #twitpanto 16:48:25
editorialgirl @Katchooo (sorry)... Marian: *acts all feisty and/or helpless* #twitpanto 16:48:25
alexhughes - Prince Charming's brother... #twitpanto 16:48:33
mazzawoo Cinderella: Mead is part of my #fiveaday I'll have you know! Does this avatar make me look fat? #twitpanto 16:48:50
steve_nicholls Will Scarlet: [gonna ask the DJ if he's got any RATM] #twitpanto 16:48:58
probablydrunk Robin: <obligatory fighting up the stairs bit, but with robin looking particularly sexy> How appropriate. You fight like a cow. #twitpanto 16:50:29
editorialgirl Ohhh! Just got the "snake charming" joke #twitpanto 16:50:49
cataspanglish @boofie give us your number bsaby & we'll talk #twitpanto 16:50:50
ewan Guy of Glasgow: You’re a thief, even your retorts are ripped off from Monkey Island(™). #twitpanto 16:50:53
citizensheep @NajmC Nothing to see here. Move along. #twitpanto 16:51:17
probablydrunk Robin: An identical copy isn’t theft, besides I haven’t shot any stags, I’m a vegetarian. #twitpanto 16:51:30
FionaHandscomb Trevor the cow: Moo? #twitpanto 16:52:00
twitpanto And so Guy, under Godin’s Law of Nazi Analogies lost the battle. And the war. #twitpanto 16:52:02
twitpanto The peasants were free to return to the village, much to Little John’s disgust, and Marian and Robin live, happyish ever after. #twitpanto 16:52:15
twitpanto And the Sheriff? Play Him Off Keyboard Cat, and Alan-a-Dale: #twitpanto 16:52:32
cataspanglish bugger - got to go & take son to school Xmas play :( #twitpanto 16:52:44
citizensheep @soba_girl Sorry, I got lost. Where are the loos..? #twitpanto 16:52:58
cybrum Edward (a henchman): dies #twitpanto 16:53:01
bounder RT @twitpanto: And the Sheriff? Play The Sherriff Off Keyboard Cat, and Alan-a-Dale: #twitpanto 16:53:11
peteashton Alan-A Dale: I uploaded a YouTube video -- ♫♬♫ ♪♫♬♫ #twitpanto 16:53:29
probablydrunk RT @bounder: RT @twitpanto: And the Sheriff? Play The Sherriff Off Keyboard Cat, and Alan-a-Dale: #twitpanto 16:53:32
twitpanto We want to give big thanks and bunches of virtual flowers to @dracos for set design #twitpanto 16:53:37
twitpanto Also, @soba_girl for the lute & @probablydrunk for script help. #twitpanto 16:53:48
cataspanglish gonna miss the after show knees-up :( #twitpanto 16:54:06
twitpanto Finally, huge thanks to @brumhippodrome for sponsoring this year's #twitpanto and to #twitpanto creator and author @bounder. 16:54:19
jonhickman That was lovely bonkers. Claps! Whoops! Hugs everyone. #twitpanto (but were we any good?) 16:54:28
mazzawoo Cinderella: [Comes on stage to take bow, gets tripped up by evil @peteashton] #twitpanto 16:54:40
steve_nicholls ( on phone to Andrew Lloyd Webber ) #twitpanto 16:55:04
probablydrunk Robin: <bows with as much grace as a man with chaffing issues can> ~twitpanto 16:55:06
benjiw #TWITPANTO Well done everyone! *applauds audience* 16:56:30
chrisivens Peter: back from just hitting the gym, looking buff and oiled up waits for a chance to break into Mysterious Girl #twitpanto #buymyalbum 16:56:44
hmobius Now's the time to say 'Good-byeee' #twitpanto 16:56:55
getgood Prince Charming: *Bows* #twitpanto 16:57:10
benjiw Much: *bows* #twitpanto 16:58:11
steve_nicholls Will Scarlet: *bows* [turns to applaud director in sycophantic luvvy style] #twitpanto 16:58:15
getgood Prince Charming: You joining me backstage with the groupies @dracos? #twitpanto 16:58:24
dracos Handsome Prince: *Bows* #twitpanto 16:58:25
getgood RT @Midge_UK Author! Author! #Twitpanto 16:59:11
benjiw RT @getgood: RT @Midge_UK Author! Author! #Twitpanto 16:59:31
hmobius Baron Tweetup : I'd like to thank all my fans, the pope, Prince Charles, the nice officer who helped me off the street last night #twitpanto 16:59:39
chrisivens @pigsonthewing Tough titties #twitpanto Ooops did I say a bad word? 17:00:16
benjiw @jonhickman @probablydrunk @getgood @bounder You were all wonderful, dahlings, just spiffing. Drinkies? #twitpanto 17:00:48
getgood @benjiw Oh yes. Make mine a double. Shaken, not stirred. #twitpanto 17:02:01
steve_nicholls *applauds audience* #twitpanto 17:02:11
jonhickman #twitpanto *bows, waves, claps the audience...* kisses @benjiw. Little John: SEE YOU NEXT YEAR. 17:02:13
chrisivens Autographs 3 groats a pop #twitpanto 17:02:28
FionaHandscomb Trevor the cow: *bow* Moo *bow #twitpanto 17:03:21
hmobius Baron Hartup: Why are they leaving? I was about to start reciting 'Ode to a small green piece of putty I found in my ear one day' #twitpanto 17:03:24
benjiw @jonhickman *blushes* It's all that outdoorsy roughing it that's changing you, isn't it? #twitpanto 17:03:28
dracos If you have any information on real pantos, or other theatre productions, do add them to :) #twitpanto 17:03:29
mazzawoo Who drank all the mead? #twitpanto 17:03:35
editorialgirl [rather too loudly] CAN I TAKE THIS SILLY HAT OFF NOW? #twitpanto 17:03:40
benjiw RT @dracos: If you have any information on real pantos, or other theatre productions, do add them to :) #twitpanto 17:03:41
bounder RT @hanuman: #twitpanto dshing for car park. It's always a shag getting out after the Hippodrome. Theatre goers can't work carpark machines 17:03:43
benjiw @davestephenson You can come out from under your rock now. The #twitpanto has finished. 17:04:53
mazzawoo RT @nicktheowl @citizensheep Now I'm really confused *nurses jug of mead dolefully* #twitpanto <--- GIMME THAT 17:04:59
chrisivens Aww arse. Rate limit exceeded. #twitpanto 17:05:14
twitpanto "watch again" will be sorted asap - for now, if you care, the script is here: for the bits you missed #twitpanto 17:07:24
benjiw Phew. It was hard work staying quiet whilst the #twitpanto was on. Was good discipline though. 17:07:57
hmobius That's the skullcap off. Cheers all. Thanks to @bounder and @dracos. #twitpanto 17:08:48
twitpanto Huge thanks to the wonderful @joannageary 17:09:55
benjiw @nicktheowl Watching from the stage as you were manhandled up the aisle nearly made me break a rib silently laughing. #twitpanto 17:10:10
bounder Well #twitpanto didn't break twitter, but it seems to have borked Fazely Studios "bathed in wifi" heh ;) 17:12:03
chrisivens @philipjohn Maybe, if someone gives me enough warning. #twitpanto 17:13:15
bounder anyone else been attacked by the archery bots? #twitpanto 17:14:32
bounder anyone else been attacked by the archery bots? #twitpanto 17:14:32
chrisivens @bounder The challenge next year then is to get as many people in the audience to get spammed by bots. #twitpanto 17:16:02
peteashton Right, #twitpanto done, time to hoof it along to @subtlemob 17:20:32
steve_nicholls Great stuff Alex RT @alexhughes: All my pics from today's #twitpanto - # 17:20:53
peteashton The full, unedited glory of Alan A Dale's epic balladeering is currently processing on YouTube: #twitpanto 17:31:13
twitpanto Until the real transcript is done you can read every bit of the chaos here: #twitpanto 17:36:30
exsanguinator Enjoyed #twitpanto today! Congrats to @bounder 4 organising, cast for wading through the chaos & the audience for jumping in with both feet! 19:48:21
karenstrunks Support #twitpanto, add a #twibbon to your avatar now! - 14:33:40
substrakt We're playing host to #twitpanto types. The time: 3pm, the place: Be there or be...not there! 14:35:07
regengirl Gutted not to be able to see #twitpanto this afternoon. Break a stocking-ed leg everyone! 14:36:14
stuartparker hmmm, Twitter 3 has a #twitpanto on too...Puss in Boots starring Lloyd Grossman and the bass player from Bros..Choices, choices 14:38:37
SoullaStylianou #twitpanto gosh I thought it was half three but its not its half two whoop whoop might be able to make #twitpanto later for a short while 14:38:39
karenstrunks RT @helgahenry: Support #twitpanto, add a #twibbon to your avatar now! - 14:39:14
siwhitehouse @soba_girl See yer man over there, he'll sort you out #twitpanto 14:39:33
simonjgray might just smuggle in a camcorder in to #twitpanto later, & punt the torrent around on isohunt; maybe even uknova 14:39:56
brumhippodrome ooh audience starting to arrive for #twitpanto - not just yet everyone, not long to wait now. 14:40:48
parboo At the staff Xmas do: food, drink, Xmas quiz, karaoke and pool. Heading off soon to catch #twitpanto and driving north :-) 14:41:12
KirkleesTownHls @brumhippodrome can I pre order interval drinks? and where can i buy a flashing sword? #twitpanto 14:41:48
jigar_patel @jonhickman oh I will be watching that, I even added it to my calendar haha! #twitpanto 14:42:37
brumhippodrome RT @PhilCoyne: RT @paulbradshaw: RT @brumhippodrome: tweetreach say #twitpanto has been reached by 38,617 people via 180 tweets. let's c ... 14:44:16
SoullaStylianou #twitpanto hope there's going to be REAL chocs thrown to the audience. Not this silly 3d stuff hippodrome does in Real Life. H&S gone wrong. 14:45:35
helgahenry How do I watch/experience #twitpanto? Just do a search? go to a screen? how? how? #bitcluelessabouttwitter 14:46:03
susanpatricia1 @brumhippodrome Thanks for the front row seats at #twitpanto. 14:46:21
grunt121 good luck to all staring in #twitpanto 14:48:55
shuckle Looking forward to Twitpanto I'll be in the peanut gallery in the style of Statler and Waldorf. 14:50:49
Bournemouthecho for those who aren't aware of it, today is #twitpanto day (oh, yes it is....) 14:51:04
janetedavis RT @peteashton: Half an hour til doors open for #twitpanto. On stage at 3.30. Here's the stage: 14:51:45
siwhitehouse @jonhickman I've been sold a dud!! Has anybody seen that fella in the green tights? #twitpanto 14:51:57
martinwake just 45 minutes until curtain up on #twitpanto 14:52:45
brendadada "Twitpanto 2009 will be appearing here – hit refresh around 3.20pm-ish" #twitpanto 14:53:00
soba_girl Don't forget to watch #twitpanto at 3.30 (UK time) at 14:54:28
crosstrue Support #twitpanto, add a #twibbon to your avatar now! - 14:54:42
Journopig Nearly #twitpanto time. I've got my Maltesers and I'm sitting in an uncomfortable chair in the stalls. 14:55:08
brumhippodrome @susanpatricia1 watch out you might just be picked on by the cast #twitpanto 14:55:14
BryonyEvens RT @soba_girl: Don't forget to watch #twitpanto at 3.30 (UK time) at if not in UK, it's in 30 mins 14:56:29
simonjgray right, so the camera's fully charged; hey, maybe i could sneakily stream #twitpanto in real time using bambuser ? 14:57:31
simonjgray RT @getgood: Prince Charming: Right, cmon groupies. You've got half an hour to warm me up. #twitpanto <- #smut 14:59:25
simonjgray RT @citizensheep: And streeeetch, and bend, and streeeetch, and bend... *warming up for #twitpanto* <- #smut 14:59:43
helgahenry @getgood - ohh miss getgood - your britches are looking so fetching this afternoon: great legs! #twitpanto 14:59:55
Dan_Martin I'm going to the #twitpanto on 18th December at 3.30pm GMT, are you? Oh yes you are! 15:00:13
mike_rawlins Com'on open the doors it's freezing out here, #twitpanto 15:01:18
siwhitehouse @getgood So, not just the lines getting fluffed this afternoon, then #twitpanto #smut 15:01:19
hrwaldram For the next couple of hours I'll be heckling #twitpanto. You can temporarily unfollow me using Twick-twock: or join in! 15:01:43
brumhippodrome all #twitpanto groupies are requested to leave the dressing rooms now, take your mistletoe with you. you can come back after the show 15:01:45
siwhitehouse Waiting to see if there are any returns at the box office. Fingers crossed. #twitpanto 15:02:43
susanpatricia1 @ljlee2 Have you joined up for #twitpanto? 15:02:54
brumhippodrome We can hear the cast doing their vocal warm-up! #twitpanto 15:03:35
jigar_patel at 10:30, I think everyone should head over to and checkout what will be a good hour of entertainment at #twitpanto 15:03:46
katelaity RT @twitpanto: Not long until curtain up! #twitpanto Panto in real time via Twitter! 15:04:39
KirkleesTownHls RT @twitpanto: Not long until curtain up! #twitpanto 15:04:50
IOWinfo RT @Ventnorblog Don’t Miss TwitPanto: Robin Hood, Men In Twights: If you’re a fan of the social media network, ... 15:05:01
SoullaStylianou #twitpanto I wonder if its going to trend................oh no it wont.......! Come on now you have to get into the spirit of things 15:05:13
brumhippodrome @Schofe @stephenfry dont forget to join us for #twitpanto starts at 3.30pm you can heckle here 15:05:26
shonaghosh @mattrebeiro will be watching @twitpanto in about 15 mins... 15:06:07
karmadillo #twitpanto in just half an hour! Woot! Log into Twitter at the bottom to participate. ;) #fb 15:06:08
soba_girl Off to get the kids. And run like heck to get back for #twitpanto.... 15:06:50
grovesmedia I think I've peaked too early. Feeling somewhat tired and emotional, going for a lie down in a darkened dressing room. Good luck #twitpanto 15:07:01
markawilliams have to say that #twitpanto sounds equally mental and festive! 15:07:02
Brumcast Off to buy an expensive ice cream to be eaten with a small plastic shovel, and the mandatory bag of minstrels #twitpanto 15:07:14
keridavies Met several of the cast (and the narrator) in a real Green Room earlier. Looking forward to #twitpanto at 3.30pm 15:07:39
jackschofield I'm going to the #twitpanto on 18th December at 3.30pm GMT, are you? Oh yes you are! 15:07:48
Bham_FOE shouldn't really be looking at #twitpanto when #cop15 is collapsing, but need some xmas cheer. 15:08:47
RobChidley @benjiw butterflies for the #twitpanto ? Maybe because Twitter has millions and millions and millions of users who could see you? 15:10:46
simonjgray @peteashton - it's true - everybody loved @probablydrunk 's dick, & agreed it was the best dick they'd ever seen #twitpanto 15:11:49
joannageary In about 10 minutes I'm going to turn into a pumpkin for #twitpanto 15:11:52
brumhippodrome People in the foyer singing Xmas Carols #twitpanto 15:11:54
WeirdWeb RT @jackschofield: I'm going to the #twitpanto on 18th December at 6.30pm Doha Time, are you? Oh yes you are! 15:12:51
mattbuck_hack Do try to follow the #twitpanto - it's likely to be highly entertaining as is written by @bounder (improvised by many more) 15:13:19
gabysslave Finally sorted @exsanguinator's rider for #twitpanto-y r the quiet ones always so demanding 15:13:29
DaffodilHil Attending #twitpanto - - during coffee break at #aword09! 15:13:48
susanpatricia1 @brumhippodrome Whose coming round with ice-creams at the interval...haha #twitpanto 15:14:17
chaostocosmos I'm going to the #twitpanto on 18th December at 3.30pm GMT, are you? Oh yes you are! 15:14:24
mike_rawlins It's filling up in here ready for #twitpanto I can see @david_elks sitting up in the circle 15:14:27
joannageary When @joannageary turns into a pumpkin, you'll find me tweeting at @twitpanto. You'll see the whole thing at #twitpanto 15:14:40
davestephenson Preparing for the mass cull of following that will occur if #twitpanto spews across my feed. YES, BE UPSET. 15:14:45
gabysslave Diva stylings going on here @aquilatv today with @exsanguinator warming up for his #twitpanto performance with a whisky 15:14:59
Journopig RT @jackschofield: I'm going to the #twitpanto on today at 3.30pm GMT, are you? Oh yes you are! [I'm already there!] 15:15:02
Dan_Martin @brumhippodrome Where's the woman with the programmes? I'd also like a huge bag of maltesers #twitpanto 15:15:02
joannageary Sooooooo excited! Sooooooo nervous! #twitpanto 15:15:04
theaardvark #twitpanto Why is it always me. I'm sat right at the back behind a very tall man wearing a big hat and eating crisps loudly. Tut! 15:15:54
joannageary @seaneeboy Oh yes I am! (Tee hee!) #twitpanto 15:16:19
mattheadline Is flash photography allowed? #twitpanto 15:16:24
BalletGirlSally #twitpanto I want a big bag of sweets!!! 15:17:06
mandyrose1 Just bought a flashing wand #twitpanto 15:17:17
simonjgray @theaardvark - well if you will sit in that box - tell you what, just shoot him #twitpanto 15:17:20
bykimbo Finally found a way to watch live theatre that does not involve me sitting behind The Tallest Man in the World. In a hat. #twitpanto 15:17:33
pezholio I've just realised why I've got two monitors. One to do work on, and one to watch #twitpanto! Win! 15:17:45
joannageary 13 minutes until #twitpanto Oh yes it is! (pre-empting replies...) 15:17:52
brumhippodrome janitor to stalls toilets please, NOW #twitpanto 15:17:53
rachel_simmo @jonhickman You ready and limbered up to perform? #twitpanto 15:17:55
mike_rawlins @david_elks yeah managed to get away eventually. Who was the hairy beast you sent? #twitpanto 15:17:57
philipjohn #twitpanto Backstage with @citizensheep, listening to @dracos & @getgood practicing their lines. 15:18:16
mandyrose1 God my seats are good #twitpanto 15:18:23
scotsmanscreen I'm going to the #twitpanto on 18th December at 3.30pm GMT, are you? Oh yes you are! 15:18:26
gabysslave The hardest thing to find was a copy of A Cinderella Story-with Hillary Duff and Chad Michael Murray! #twitpanto 15:19:02
ShivHarrison break a leg to all the #twitpanto peeps. i'm timed Tilly's sleep so I can b entertained 15:19:08
chilina auditorium is rammed by the looks of it #twitpanto My flashy toy already broke!!! 15:19:28
brumhippodrome patrons are kindly reminded that flash photography is not allowed and pointless anyway #twitpanto 15:19:45
Dan_Martin No Maltesers left. I've gone for the Skittles. They better not run out of luxury vanilla ice cream in the interval though #twitpanto 15:19:46
simonjgray @pezholio - i'm going one better - #twitpanto - comes in on an entirely different computer on an entirely different internet ! 15:19:49
susanpatricia1 #twitpanto I want a flashy wand 15:20:17
philcoyne RT @benjiw: Everyone wave bye bye to @davestephenson as he doesn't want to follow #twitpanto *waves* < bah humbug! 15:20:31
efan78 Oh, and good luck to everyone in the #twitpanto - I'm off to work so I'm going to miss it! *Sniff!* have a great time :-D 15:20:45
brumhippodrome lost child in the foyer - any takers? #twitpanto 15:20:47
StevenTuck Brilliant! can I have that role?RT @KirkleesTownHls: #twitpanto that child in front is really annoying me with their flashing wand grr!!! 15:20:48
SoullaStylianou #twitpanto eek my twitter feed down just as its starting 15:20:49
molly1336 im confused about this #twitpanto thingg.. 15:21:13
enitharmon What is #twitpanto# and who are the self-selected elite who get to take part? Why wasn't I invited? 15:21:16
chrisandharvey RT @cybrum: My twitterstream will be full of twitpanto nonsense for a couple of hours. Don't complain. I had to read all your stupid x-f ... 15:21:31
gabysslave really excited, got my wine gums and sparkling wand- ready for #twitpanto 15:21:36
mandyrose1 I've just spotted Lionel Blair in the audience #twitpanto 15:21:40
VentnorBlog Just getting some popcorn and waiting for curtains up at the #twitpanto 15:21:49
hanuman #twitpanto I'm going to pop to the bar before this starts. Anybody want anything? 15:22:30
simonjgray @enitharmon - *everybody* is invited to take part in #twitpanto 15:22:46
moyam Got nice warm cup of miso soup in hand. Ice-cream too chilly today. Awaiting curtain up for #twitpanto 15:22:49
Journopig Break a leg to all the cast of #twitpanto, but please get on with it. I'm nearly out of Maltesers now. 15:22:54
priddy @getgood eh? you slapped the groupies with your thighs Prince Charming? #twitpanto #smut 15:22:56
BalletGirlSally #twitpanto just dropped my ice cream on my lap *sobs* 15:23:02
Robintheoffice Llate getting into my seat for the #twitpanto, check it out: 15:23:03
mandyrose1 Ant and Dec hello! #twitpanto 15:23:07
lornaparsons *rustles sweet wrappers* #twitpanto 15:23:09
gabysslave RT @mandyrose1: I've just spotted Lionel Blair in the audience #twitpanto> *excited giggling* 15:23:19
PRBloke RT @mandyrose1: I've just spotted Lionel Blair in the audience #twitpanto - no, that was me, I've had my hair done in a Lionel Blair 15:23:22
brumhippodrome would patrons kindly ensure that all mobile devices are switched ON #twitpanto 15:23:35
chrispoppe 6.50 for a programme, they must be mad! #twitpanto 15:23:47
nebolland Support #twitpanto, add a #twibbon to your avatar now! - 15:23:53
chilina Child next to me has already been sick #twitpanto 15:24:07
karenstrunks I'm all set for #twitpanto. I can feel the nerves from the stars in the dressing room already! Break a leg guys n gals 15:24:38
joermurphy Nearly there. Bag of Maltesers, can of fanta at the ready. #twitpanto @ 15.30 GMT 15:24:51
robmacpherson #twitpanto is terry grimley here yet? 15:24:56
rasga Enjoy #twitpanto all - I need to do work. 15:25:05
Robintheoffice RT @brumhippodrome would patrons kindly ensure that all mobile devices are switched ON #twitpanto 15:25:10
Tiggr Following #twitpanto... waiting for the curtain to go up... got kebab, programme, and tea... On with the show! 15:25:13
catnip Shhh! Keep the noise down in front, it's starting soon #twitpanto 15:25:21
mandyrose1 no but Diane Parkes is #twitpanto 15:25:25
AntonioGould These seats don't have much legroom do they? #twitpanto 15:25:29
susanpatricia1 #twitpanto I am so nervous for them 15:25:38
hanuman #twitpanto @PRbloke @mandyrose1 Lionel Blair doesn't have his hair cut like that. 15:25:41
enitharmon RT @simonjgray @enitharmon - *everybody* is invited to take part in #twitpanto Ok can I be an Ugly Sister please? 15:25:45
mike_rawlins @david_elks Ahh we didn't laugh much when he knocked the cups over :) I have popcorn down here in the stalls #twitpanto 15:25:56
KirkleesTownHls @moyam hot drinks are not permitted in the auditorium #twitpanto 15:26:06
BalletGirlSally #twitpanto wonder why there is a bloke with a kebab @brumhippodrome can he be thrown out - its smells odd! 15:26:06
martinwake #twitpanto 'scuse me... sorry... mind yer feet... sorry... 15:26:17
edrussell BBC Cricket feed or #twitpanto - I'm torn. 15:26:18
ilovefizzypop #twitpanto break a leg brummies ;) 15:26:22
moyam @peteashton Stop being such a drama queen #twitpanto 15:26:46
nebolland rotten tomatoes at the ready #twitpanto 15:26:50
TwosKnight Missing live #twitpanto action, as I'm in morissons doing the monstrously big christmas shop with the mom. 15:26:57
gabysslave Who in the audience has a birthday today! lets get them up in a true panto stylee! #twitpanto 15:27:07
emersonp Okay then, #twitpanto should start shortly. Follow the hashtag to see what I only assume will be some kind of organised chaos.... 15:27:08
theaardvark @probablydrunk I thought that was a given... #twitpanto 15:27:08
joannageary Here we go! Come join in the fun at #twitpanto 15:27:12
brumhippodrome ladies and gentlemen this is your four minute call. you have four minutes. please take your seats #twitpanto 15:27:36
rachel_simmo What do you mean you've run out of the over-priced ice cream? #twitpanto 15:27:39
PRBloke RT @hanuman: #twitpanto @PRbloke @mandyrose1 Lionel Blair doesn't have his hair cut like that. ; He does if he comes here!# 15:27:40
karenstrunks #twitpanto so, what happens if I type in this box? 15:27:41
priddy Why is #twitpanto a matine performance? Some of have work - Oh yes we do! 15:27:42
shuckle Wanders to the foyer to get crisps. #twitpanto 15:27:43
theaardvark Damn. In my seat for #twitpanto and need a wee. Not sure I can wait til the intermission 15:27:43
vikkispence Well, I'm excited. How Christmassy is this?! #twitpanto 15:27:44
marm_on_toast RT @mattbuck_hack: Do try to follow the #twitpanto - it's likely to be highly entertaining as is written by @bounder (starts at 3:30pm GMT) 15:27:45
lornaparsons This'll be interesting: RT @probablydrunk: is it too late to mention i've been drinking pretty solidly since lunch? #twitpanto 15:27:55
openbath Right, so I'm watching a #twitpanto ? Ok 15:27:59
mike_rawlins Who has just dropped the 1.5l super slurpy. My feet are covered in orange... socks are soaking #twitpanto 15:28:09
simonjgray somebody's sitting in my seat - gits ! #twitpanto 15:28:10
mandyrose1 ooh am excitteeeeeddddd #twitpanto 15:28:10
charlie_elise RT @Robintheoffice: RT @brumhippodrome would patrons kindly ensure that all mobile devices are switched ON #twitpanto 15:28:11
tomsmiled Anyone want ice cream before I sit down? #twitpanto 15:28:12
moyam Alright, alright. I've finished the soup, sniff. Anyone else got snacks to share on this row? #twitpanto 15:28:18
shonaghosh Just rushed in in time for #twitpanto. Phew. 15:28:29
karenstrunks #twitpanto Gets out boiled sweets with noisy wrapping. 15:28:34
midge_uk #twitpanto eww, the floors all sticky 15:28:37
iamadonut Excuse me, pardon me. Yes, my seat's in the middle. #twitpanto 15:28:46
Brumcast Damn I need a wee before #twitpanto starts, excuse me folks excuse me #twitpanto 15:28:48
Jo_Ind Has it started? How would we know? #twitpanto 15:29:04
brumhippodrome waiting for clearance from stage manager #twitpanto 15:29:12
Robintheoffice RT @joannageary: Here we go! Come join in the fun at #twitpanto 15:29:12
tomsmiled Can I have a programme? #twitpanto 15:29:17
Katchooo Why are we waiting, why-y are we waiting? #twitpanto 15:29:18
rpetal27 @tomsmiled actually just some Ministrels will do thanks. #twitpanto 15:29:21
timhodson why do they always play music that you can't quite hear before the show starts? what's wrong with a nice overture? #twitpanto 15:29:28
mandyrose1 I'm sitting next to Robbie Williams #twitpanto 15:29:30
rachel_simmo If you haven't turned up for #twitpanto, I suggest you do it now, once again am sat next to the crying baby... 15:29:33
PaulBuchanan #twitpanto (who let the bloody kids sit in my row again?) 15:29:39
mike_rawlins *throws popcorn at stage* Com'on! #twitpanto 15:29:41
PaulBuchanan #twitpanto I can see the curtain twitching!!! ooooohhhhhhh!!!! 15:30:07
susanpatricia1 #twitpanto Thanks for the wand, now i can flash you..haha 15:30:08
bykimbo @Journopig Have a humbug. Sorry about fluff, it's been in my knitting bag. #twitpanto 15:30:15
Journopig Ooh, here we go, it's starting! #twitpanto 15:30:23
mmmmmrob #twitpanto 'scuse me, 'scuse me, sorry, no my seat's the one in the middle, 'scuse me 15:30:31
simonjgray why is the safety curtain always a bit scummy compared to the real curtain ? #twitpanto 15:30:33
karenstrunks #twitpanto Cheese sandwich anyone? 15:30:35
nicktheowl I've eaten all my pick'n'mix already. Expect at least one very unruly audience member #twitpanto 15:30:45
Katchooo *Chucks popcorn at @karenstrunks two rows in front* #twitpanto 15:30:45
mike_rawlins Oooh oooh ohhh are we ready? #twitpanto 15:30:49
susanpatricia1 #twitpanto Hurry up my chololate is melting 15:31:01
nebolland how long's this thing on for? I was hoping to pop over the road to mr egg before it gets closed down again... #twitpanto 15:31:01
PaulBuchanan #twitpanto [god - some people are just soooooo immature] 15:31:04
rachel_simmo Ooh yes please @karenstrunks Got pickle? #twitpanto 15:31:21
robmacpherson #twitpanto shhh!! it's started 15:31:28
Journopig @bykimbo No worries - yum, lovely. Thanks. #twitpanto 15:31:30
BryonyEvens #twitpanto Who is playing the Dame in this matinee? I don't seem to have a programme 15:31:32
Tiggr Switched to watching @Twitpanto feed, rather than trying to keep up with #twitpanto... the audience is talking too loud, sheesh, Manners! 15:31:44
PaulBuchanan #twitpanto will the man with the big hat on 3 rows ahead PLEASE take it off - I can't see..... 15:31:51
bykimbo @AntonioGould Goodness, I don't think they expected you to do *that* with your legs in here. Doesn't that hurt? #twitpanto 15:31:57
lelandstrott Watching #twitpanto from 3000 miles away (the most nosebleed seats in the place?). Brum does amazingly creative things with social media :) 15:32:13
tombeardshaw sorry... am I late... scuse me... #twitpanto 15:32:30
hrwaldram Sitting on front row of #twitpanto. Getting annoyed with all the people throwing popcorn (@karenstrunks @katchooo @mike_rawlins) 15:32:38
podnosh Oh cock, I'm late again. #twitpanto Sorry, sorry - don't mind me - sorry. 15:32:43
Jo_Ind It's a bit slow isn't it? #twitpanto 15:32:43
simonjgray @tiggr - go to to see the audience separated from the cast #twitpanto 15:32:48
bmwelby @tiggr use which splits the feeds into cast on the stage and us elsewhere #twitpanto 15:32:56
4amproject There's a twitter panto starting now. Come and join in the Xmas fun! :) 15:33:31
hanuman #twitpanto @podnosh like the new avatar 15:33:31
mike_rawlins .@podnosh ouch watch my feet. Always one who is late, middle of the row as well... #twitpanto 15:33:32
PaulBuchanan #twitpanto come on @podnosh - shift yer arse.... 15:33:33
rachel_simmo Can focus on #twitpanto now GS has been caught by GS so England are all out for 356 #cricket 15:33:35
podnosh Badgering my arse #twitpanto @ewan 15:33:37
Lizleck I feel sick!!!!!!!!!!! #twitpanto 15:33:41
AntonioGould Why are we waaaaiting? We aren't concentraaaating! #twitpanto 15:33:43
openbath bbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbboooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo #twitpanto 15:33:44
gabysslave It's a #digitalbritain #twitpanto after all- slow :( 15:33:44
siwhitehouse Still stuck in the foyer thrying to wangle my way in to #twitpanto 15:33:46
iskandarv Ah bless them, that'll be the first night nerves #twitpanto 15:33:51
RutiLeB Audience are tweeting more that the twits in the #twitpanto 15:33:53
jigar_patel @lelandstrott not to worry I am about two rows behind you, I feel your pain! :) #twitpanto 15:33:57
tomsmiled *slow hand clap* do the actors keep drying? #twitpanto 15:34:04
Katchooo If you wanna know what I'm on about then tough. Oh alright #twitpanto link: 15:34:10
PatBookworm RT @citizensheep: The audience are a noisy bunch. #twitpanto <oh no we're not 15:34:22
annettenaudin Has it started? How would we know? #twitpanto (via @Jo_Ind) 15:34:25
rachel_simmo @siwhitehouse Didn't they like your ticket? #twitpanto I can sneak you in? 15:34:43
karenstrunks #twitpanto no popcorn so throws cheese sandwich. sorry @hrwaldram ;D 15:34:55
tomsmiled Trevor the cow seems to have fallen into the stalls #twitpanto 15:35:10
PaulBuchanan #twitpanto ooohhh is Trevor meant to have gone before coming on stage? 15:35:13
mhuk are all the panto dames still doing their makeup? #twitpanto 15:35:26
AntonioGould @karenstrunks Oi - a bit of that cheese just landed on my shoulder.. #twitpanto 15:35:39
bykimbo That bloke on the left. The one with the hair. Wasn't he in that thing with the bloke from the Bill? #twitpanto 15:35:44
dandavies23 Got to dash from #bcuecce to #twitpanto *puts on top hat picks up cane and haills carriage * 15:36:03
cyberdoyle RT @citizensheep: The audience are a noisy bunch. #twitpanto 15:36:25
susanpatricia1 @molly1336 Follow this link # then press twitter button and confirm. 15:36:32
iamadonut Takes out cheese sandwiches #twitpanto 15:36:34
simonjgray oh noes ! has #twitpanto broken the internet ? 15:36:39
Tiggr This is as close to a real panto as I'll get, I'm sure... #Twitpanto 15:36:43
podnosh @tombeardshaw From up here we can see your hidden hairloss - sit down baldy.#twitpanto @graphiquillan 15:36:48
mandyrose1 oh god its him from that reality show isn't it? #twitpanto 15:36:59
susanpatricia1 #twitpanto Why are we waiting 15:36:59
SuButcher #twitpanto shhh at the back there! 15:37:09
PaulBuchanan @bykimbo - nah, he was that bloke what done the mitchel boys in off Eastenders #twitpanto 15:37:10
hanuman Fancy a panto on Twitter now? Go to to watch and join in #fb 15:37:21
Jo_Ind Where would we be without the audience to entertain us? #twitpanto 15:37:22
podnosh booooooo @tom_watson 50p tax per fixed line of grass? #twitpanto 15:37:46
iamadonut @Other_Pete Sorry, have a humbug ;-) #twitpanto 15:37:47
Tiggr Darn, I was scrolling in the wrong direction... the show will go backwards this way, lol #twitpanto 15:37:48
soshanau #twitpanto I can't get in! 15:37:50
BalletGirlSally #twitpanto might just nip and have a wee while it's quiet! 15:38:08
tomsmiled @fionahandscomb shouldn't you be on the stage? #twitpanto 15:38:09
Brumcast belches loudly causing group of schoolchildren to laugh uncontrollably #twitpanto 15:38:14
siwhitehouse rachel_simmo Quick distract the usherette and I'll squeeze in behind her #twitpanto 15:38:18
PaulBuchanan That Trevor looks udderly rediculous #twitpanto 15:38:26
theaardvark Trevor appears to be off stage. Lol! #twitpanto 15:38:27
karenstrunks @AntonioGould It's the best Stilton money can buy! don't waste it #twitpanto 15:38:27
Katchooo @FionaHandscomb You're milking it! I like it! #twitpanto 15:38:57
gabysslave More whisky is being consumed backstage here @aquilatv :) #twitpanto 15:39:05
SoullaStylianou #twitpanto oooh trying to catch up with the storyline got as far as katie & pete (opa)..... 15:39:06
PaulBuchanan @soshanau Don't worry, we#ll sneak you in during the interval - wait by the fire escape #twitpanto 15:39:07
rachel_simmo @siwhitehouse I didn't realise the gap was that big! ;-) #twitpanto 15:39:17
charlie_elise @chrisivens that's me, sorry. I only popped out for a double... #twitpanto 15:39:17
paulakeogh Can't believe how many #talisians are at opening show of #twitpanto. My husband @pauljkeogh will be pleased (techie at the Hippodrome) :-) 15:39:20
Jo_Ind I'm going to go pick up Arch, video the panto and play it back later on fast forward #twitpanto 15:39:30
tomsmiled *waits for the habitat hashtag to hijack #twitpanto 15:39:30
karenstrunks #twitpanto do we get icecream at the interval? 15:39:36
archityke RT @hrwaldram: Sitting on front row of #twitpanto. Getting annoyed with all the people throwing popcorn (@karenstrunks @katchooo @mike_r ... 15:40:12
soshanau #twitpanto The nice usher let me in. Thanks @PaulBuchanan though! 15:40:23
mattbuck_hack Heckling @tom_watson (the sheriff) in #twitpanto Robin Hood <-Boo! Hiss! 15:40:26
gabysslave If you're not watching this #twitpanto you're missing a treat 15:40:32
siwhitehouse Well done rachel_simmo, I think she just pulled it off. And I'm into #twitpanto 15:40:33
timhodson @paulakeogh bit of a slow show at mo though. #twitpanto 15:40:47
Tiggr #twitpanto I've got 5 extra programmes... any takers? 15:40:50
graphiquillan @podnosh I'm not sure whose udders are bigger, Katie's or the cows #twitpanto 15:41:02
SoullaStylianou folks in my twitterlife in case you haven't realised it there is a twitter panto 'appening #twitpanto 15:41:17
visit_bham We're watching #twitpanto - another Birmingham first 15:41:19
rachel_simmo RT @gabysslave: If you're not watching this #twitpanto you're missing a treat 15:41:21
ilovefizzypop ahhhhhhh its on @ twitpanto. No wonder i couldnt see anything #twitpanto 15:41:29
archityke @hrwaldram Sitting on front row of #twitpanto. Getting annoyed with all the people throwing popcorn. - Oh no you're not ;) 15:41:38
susanpatricia1 #twitpanto Its started shhhhh 15:41:38
n0spin RT @Dan_Martin RT @charlie_elise: Ok, so #twitpanto isn't working for me or @dan_martin - anyone else? :) 15:41:44
iskandarv Throw the cow back on stage! Heave, heave #twitpanto 15:41:52
karenstrunks @rachel_simmo No icecream?! I'm not staying here then! #twitpanto 15:41:53
the_drums RT @gabysslave If you're not watching this #twitpanto you're missing a treat 15:42:02
priddy @karenstrunks Can I have a chocolate tub if you are going to see the nice ice cream lady? Here's 3 groats #twitpanto 15:42:05
karenstrunks @HarryJA It's going to be a long afternoon! :D #twitpanto 15:42:09
martinwake #twitpanto oi, rowdies: I have come all the way from #thatlondon for authentic folk art form, stop throwing sweets 15:42:09
graphiquillan @Ewan is that a euphemism? #twitpanto 15:42:35
rachel_simmo @citizensheep Not heard of decimalisation? #twitpanto 15:42:41
hrwaldram Ouch! Malteesers and cheese sandwich in hair...rowdy audience at #twitpanto. Should we take this outside @mike_rawlins @karenstrunks? 15:42:41
soshanau #twitpanto Does anyone have a clue what is going on? When can we shout 'He's behind you?' 15:42:44
PRBloke #twitpanto I missed that bit, where's the cow now? 15:42:45
siwhitehouse There's a lot of pauses in #twitpanto. Does @bounder fancy himself as the new Harold Pinter? 15:42:47
simonjgray has @sionsimonmp given #twitpanto a grant, by the way ? 15:43:14
tomsmiled BOoooooooooooooooooooooo #twitpanto 15:43:14
Brumcast Booo,sssssss!!!!!!!! #twitpanto 15:43:19
bykimbo @PaulBuchanan Oh right. I remember his ears being bigger. Or maybe @tomsmiled's right. Kick him, see what he looks like limping. #twitpanto 15:43:23
DebbiRah Watching #twitpanto whilst deleting spam. Oh no I'm not! (I am really): 15:43:30
chilesl trying to hide so I don't get pulled up on stage #twitpanto 15:43:31
PaulBuchanan [throws pop corn at Evil Ewan] #twitpanto 15:43:37
rachel_simmo Boooooooooooooooooooooo! @ewan #twitpanto 15:43:44
priddy I think I'll wait until #twitpanto is out on DVD. 15:43:46
PRBloke #twitpanto ssssssssssssssssssssss 15:43:47
karenstrunks #twitpanto BoooooooooooooOOOO 15:44:02
hanuman #twitpanto Who does trevor the cow think he his. Wayne Coyne of Flaming Lips roaming over audience in ball. Get back on stage. 15:44:06
iskandarv Hissss hissssss #twitpanto 15:44:09
nicklockey Sitting in the middle of a row for #twitpanto and need a wee. Do I clamber over other audience members or try an hold it until the interval? 15:44:16
deejackson #twitpanto shame on you @siwhitehouse harold pinter got nuttin on @bounder - bounderesque is THE new style 15:44:26
karenstrunks #twitpanto @priddy you don't get much icecream for 3 groats at this theater! 15:44:34
mattbuck_hack @marm_on_toast Hello chaps. Thanks for RT. Sorry not made 'in' yet. Been on the road a lot recently. Enjoy the #twitpanto 15:44:42
warrenfree @hrwaldram @mike_rawlins shhhhhhhhhhh....... I'm listening :) #twitpanto 15:44:44
Tiggr What happened in Scene 1? The cow broke through the 4th wall? #twitpanto 15:44:54
soshanau It's Christmas - time for panto! Check out #twitpanto happening now! Sign in to 15:44:56
Katchooo Ooh Robin, show us yer tights! #twitpanto 15:45:00
bykimbo @Ewan You're lucky you got back to the stage in time. I'm vicious with a knitting needle when I'm roused. #twitpanto 15:45:03
karenstrunks @CapgeminiUKPR Good thinking! *starts milking Trevor the cow* @rachel_simmo #twitpanto 15:45:25
siwhitehouse Booooooooo!! #twitpanto (We are booing Mullaney, yeah?) 15:45:33
podnosh @graphiquillan How can you possibly tell the difference? #twitpanto 15:45:41
simonjgray @nicklockey - just take the runners' & the cyclists' lead & wee where you are #twitpanto 15:45:49
PaulBuchanan 'Cor ain't she beautiful....awwwwww #twitpanto 15:46:02
karenstrunks @hrwaldram Sorry! I'll settle down now. Promise! *now where's me crisps* #twitpanto 15:46:13
PatBookworm Remind me again which panto we're watching? #twitpanto 15:46:15
hrwaldram I don't know any of the characters in this #twitpanto. Where's widdow twanky? Harrumph. Feeling a bit of panto-snobbery coming on. 15:46:37
Katchooo Here's Robin out of his Hood: #twitpanto 15:46:43
mattbuck_hack My colleague in #drawnalism @alexhughes is playing the goat - and drawing the Damien Hirst exhibit... #twitpanto 15:46:51
priteshpatel9 @SuButcher - please refrain from using mobile phones whilst the panto is in play, i can see a glowing light from where ur sitting #twitpanto 15:47:03
graphiquillan @podnosh the cow's useful BOOM BOOM :D #twitpanto 15:47:12
Tiggr @ewan Ignore the slings and arrows of outrageous misfortune!! On with the show #twitpanto 15:47:13
tomsmiled I'm mayor of Loxley Hall on @foursquare #twitpanto 15:47:17
rpetal27 karenstrunks @CapgeminiUKPR has gone to get the bucket for you... #twitpanto 15:47:20
deejackson #twitpanto remind me never to go to a cultural event with that @karenstrunks btw 15:47:26
rpetal27 @karenstrunks @CapgeminiUKPR has gone to get the bucket for you... #twitpanto 15:47:32
pezholio Aw! Finding it difficult to keep up with #twitpanto and code at the same time! :( 15:47:53
heidigoseek RT @gabysslave: If you're not watching this #twitpanto you're missing a treat 15:48:07
priddy @karenstrunks *Scrambles around in doublet pocket* Ah, here is another 7 groats. Is that enough? #twitpanto 15:48:40
gabysslave #twitpanto must be following in mandy's footsteps hey @tom_watson 15:48:46
graphiquillan Can somebody take that screaming child out of the auditorium? #twitpanto 15:49:00
SoullaStylianou #twitpanto have the clannad theme tune wandering in and out my conscious thought 15:49:04
karenstrunks #twitpanto which I had an iphone so I could tweet from my seat! 15:49:04
susanpatricia1 #twitpanto NOT NOTTINGHAM , I'M FROM THERE AND I'M NOT PAYING ANYMORE TAX 15:49:13
PaulBuchanan [almost beside himself waiting to see Marion...ooooghhhhh]#twitpanto 15:49:14
karenstrunks #twitpanto @priddy think that will get you a flake too! 15:49:27
philipjohn #twitpanto has broken twitter! 15:49:32
PRBloke #twitpanto @pezholio I'm trying to write a press release on life long learning. I'm sure I'll end up with a cow in it 15:49:33
charlie_elise *throws some popcorn at @Dan_Martin* #twitpanto 15:49:35
theaardvark @pezholio No coding in the theatre please. Put it down. #twitpanto 15:49:46
amous RT @deejackson: #twitpanto remind me never to go to a cultural event with that @karenstrunks btw 15:49:53
cosmicgirlie There's always used condoms in the woods... #twitpanto 15:49:56
Katchooo @graphiquillan Ok then, come on. Out you come. Calm down calm down. I'll give you a sweetie. #twitpanto 15:50:10
karmadillo Missing #twitpanto after all. *grumble* 15:50:14
karenstrunks #twitpanto Thanks @rpetal27 would you like some Trevor the cow icecream? 15:50:21
soba_girl #twitpanto *clambers across backs of seats* What did I miss? 15:50:25
churchpunkmom RT @cosmicgirlie: There's always used condoms in the woods... #twitpanto // eeeeeewww... 15:50:27
iskandarv Larks' tongues, who ordered larks' tongues #twitpanto 15:50:29
graphiquillan @probablydrunk you need to take your tights off first if you're going to even try attempting that #twitpanto 15:50:30
gabysslave Is that Conkers that you're living in? @conkertu #twitpanto 15:50:40
ShivHarrison There is a Twitter Pantomime on now, to watch visit 15:50:47
graphiquillan @karenstrunks are you pimping yourself for a flake? #twitpanto 15:50:50
rachel_simmo Robin's camp? Who's going to pull Marian then? #twitpanto 15:51:04
PRBloke #twitpanto not surprised to hear that Robin's camp 15:51:18
PaulBuchanan Wolf's nipple chips? Over here in row 3 #twitpanto 15:51:26
davelee I was going to follow twitpanto, but then I realised I'd rather punch myself in the face. 15:51:38
siwhitehouse We've got to the camp bit. Now, where's that @jonhickman? #twitpanto 15:51:40
deejackson #twitpanto - proof that the twuniverse is chock full of really quite clever types who may not have enuff to do IRL! i urge you to eavesdrop! 15:51:41
tomsmiled @iskandarv was after the wolf-nipple chips actually #twitpanto 15:51:43
cosmicgirlie Better than the In-Law camp - EEK!! #twitpanto 15:51:51
karenstrunks @karmadillo :( what's up? Wish you were here #twitpanto 15:52:05
joermurphy Support #twitpanto, add a #twibbon to your avatar now! - 15:52:16
Brumcast Just got disturbed from #twitpanto by some prat knocking the door trying to get me to change my energy supplier 15:52:24
NicTomTom RT Booooooooo!! #twitpanto (We are booing Mullaney, yeah?) (via @siwhitehouse) 15:52:25
celesteh Highly amusing use of twitter: #twitpanto He's behind you! 15:52:32
karenstrunks @deejackson I never get invited anywhere these days-can't think why! #twitpanto 15:52:35
nicktheowl yay! Time for a song! #twitpanto 15:52:37
Katchooo @peteashton Ooh Alan-A-Dale, what a hunk! You really have the X Factor. Sing up! #twitpanto 15:52:41
robmacpherson #twitpanto oi @exsanguinator you're supposed to be on stage! 15:52:42
mandyrose1 I've eaten too much chocolate I think I'm gonna be ...... oh dear #twitpanto 15:52:50
catnip @peteashton oh no it bloomin well isn't! #twitpanto 15:53:00
karenstrunks @graphiquillan lol, I'm busy milking Trevor the cow to make icecream. @priddy would like to buy some :D #twitpanto 15:53:12
PaulBuchanan [guess Robin is doing a quick outfit change for the Camp cameo ?]#twitpanto 15:53:13
nicktheowl OH YES IT IS!!!!! #twitpanto 15:53:15
graphiquillan @Katchooo here, borrow this catapult to launch your knickers at him *passes over catapult* #twitpanto 15:53:15
cyberdoyle RT @gabysslave: If you're not watching this #twitpanto you're missing a treat 15:53:17
soshanau #twitpanto Ssh, time for a song. I can' hear a thing with all the chattering going on in the audience! 15:53:24
podnosh Ha ha ha look at the kid @mandyrose1 just sicked all over the orchestra #twitpanto 15:53:32
JulietTaylor Please support they've sponsored enough panto's!@twitpanto @brumhippodrome Please rt for #twibbon 15:53:42
rpetal27 @karenstrunks I would love some ice-cream! Have some wafers to share as well #twitpanto 15:53:43
PaulBuchanan is it audience participation time yet? Does anyone know the words? #twitpanto 15:53:52
Lizleck who turned the lights out????#twitpanto 15:53:54
siwhitehouse probablydrunk OH YES IT COCKING WELL IS #twitpanto 15:54:02
nicktheowl YAY!!!!!! A SONG!!!w00t!!11!111!!! #twitpanto 15:54:11
PaulBuchanan OOHHHH YES IT IS.....#twitpanto 15:54:19
Katchooo Thanks babs @graphiquillan - Ka-PINGGG! #twitpanto 15:54:20
theaardvark Yes! Time for a song! #twitpanto 15:54:26
chilina #twitpanto I love song time!!!! 15:54:33
cyberdoyle @nick_appleyard hey buttons, shouldn't you be onstage now? #digitalbritain #twitpanto 15:54:35
visit_bham Bring on the song #twitpanto 15:54:36
theaardvark RATM - Killin in the name of! #twitpanto 15:54:39
carlosdajackal RT @davelee: I was going to follow twitpanto, but then I realised I'd rather punch myself in the face.- watch out they're bhind you #badjoke 15:54:49
tomsmiled Oh no it isn't #twitpanto 15:54:56
tickvg #twitpanto ooh sorry I'm late. Have you saved me a deat @podnosh? oops sorry, 15:54:57
soshanau #twitpanto Get on with the song already! 15:55:04
podnosh @graphiquillan Is that @peteashton gonna sing? I do hope his voice is moorish #twitpanto 15:55:11
JulietTaylor Please support they've sponsored enough panto's! #twitpanto #brumhippodrome Please rt for #twibbon 15:55:14
dadge Sorry I'm not at #twitpanto - Zigzag Bridge is treacherous because of ice, and the way through Aston Manor is blocked by Burgher boys 15:55:20
PaulBuchanan OI! Whose bloody shreddies are these - not even a name tag ion 'em #twitpanto 15:55:21
nicklockey Just spotted two 'ushers' with guns and grenades in the balcony of #Twitpanto - OMG those Inglorious Basterds have got the wrong theatre! 15:55:29
chilina oh yes it is!!!!!! #twitpanto 15:55:32
sydlawrence @peteashton yes alan, time for a sing song #twitpanto 15:55:40
nicktheowl @probablydrunk I've already told you, OH YES IT IS!!!11!1!ONE! #twitpanto 15:55:41
bykimbo ♪O♬oh..♪. c♪atc♬hy ♪ tun♬e! ♪♪ #twitpanto 15:55:44
iskandarv Sing monkey boy sing! #twitpanto 15:55:51
visit_bham Oh yes it isn't #twitpanto 15:55:54
graphiquillan @podnosh I always say moor is less BOOM BOOM :D #twitpanto 15:56:02
drop4three #twitpanto "And now dear friends, who's coming near? Why it's our hero, so give a great cheer! 15:56:15
Robintheoffice Which string's gone? #twitpanto 15:56:25
Roboteernat am at #twitpanto need some icecream! 15:56:31
karenstrunks @rpetal27 that's a great bit of teamwork. Here's your trevor the cow icecream. Tuck in! #twitpanto 15:56:49
mandyrose1 that's better sorry bout that #twitpanto 15:56:58
simonjgray @peteashton - is it your g string which broke #twitpanto 15:57:07
chilina @peteashton lost his lute g string #twitpanto 15:57:08
graphiquillan @peteashton you can play Smoke on the Water with one string #twitpanto 15:57:08
Tiggr Hooray! for Robin of Loxley!! #twitpanto 15:57:09
rachel_simmo @Robintheoffice His G string, sure Robin has a spare one to lend him #twitpanto 15:57:23
PaulBuchanan 'ERE, you can 'ave this G-String wot waz just thrown at the stage...#twitpanto 15:57:23
Katchooo @peteashton Do you need a G string for that lute? #twitpanto 15:57:29
karenstrunks #twitpanto @roboteernat I've just made some from Trevor the cows milk. Here you go :) 15:57:36
mandyrose1 Come on everybody la la #twitpanto 15:57:55
graphiquillan @Katchooo he should have received it by now ;) #twitpanto 15:57:58
susanpatricia1 #twitpanto OH NO NOT ANOTHER ONE 15:57:59
podnosh @graphiquillan and t's othelluva relief when it stops #twitpanto @petashton ha ha ha 15:58:05
Dan_Martin @charlie_elise *throws Maltesers at @charlie_elise in retaliation for the popcorn* #twitpanto 15:58:32
Brumcast Alan a Dale has morphed into Jimi Hendrix #twitpanto 15:58:36
PaulBuchanan Ding, Ding - 3 minute bell in the bar (grabs pack of dry roasted nuts and heads for door) #twitpanto 15:58:38
soba_girl #twitpanto Hold on.. is this *panto*? I thought I was coming to see Othello! 15:58:47
tomsmiled Now Friar Tuck has fallen into the auditorium. We'll never get the chubster back on stage #twitpanto 15:58:49
AnnieBannister am at #Twitpanto Oh no - the loo run start with the kids. Knew that coke was a mistake 15:58:49
siwhitehouse *ouch* Friar Tuck just fell on me. Get off you drunken oaf #twitpanto 15:58:52
gabysslave oh no it isn't happening for @exsanguinator @dracos he is sitting in the audience it appears #twitpanto 15:59:07
iamadonut @peteashton why not just tweet a link #twitpanto 15:59:12
tomsmiled Where are the words for Alan-a-Dale's song? #twitpanto 15:59:14
mandyrose1 Wait for it - I'm eating some more chocolate #twitpanto 15:59:20
graphiquillan @soba_girl I thought I was here to see Die Hard #twitpanto 15:59:22
RubyCosmos At #twitpanto ... send ice cream. 15:59:23
PaulBuchanan The Sherrif - hah, another unelected thug...they get bloody everywhere #twitpanto 16:00:22
chilina I thought this was suppsed to be in 3D #twitpanto 16:00:28
theaardvark @graphiquillan Just wait a mo. I'm sure some of them will die hard. #twitpanto 16:00:35
susanpatricia1 #twitpanto THATS A BIT PRICKLY 16:00:39
siwhitehouse @graphiquillan @soba_girl I thought it was a different kind of theatre. Why do you think my coat's draped over my lap like this? #twitpanto 16:00:49
podnosh Well boys and girls where is twitter search ? #twitpanto 16:00:50
mandyrose1 Chilina you have to put your 3D glasses on silly #twitpanto 16:01:08
scotsmanscreen Follow #twitpanto using which splits the feeds into cast on the stage and audience below - nice work from @dracos 16:01:12
hrwaldram @davelee Don't be so smug. *throws rotten tomato from #twitpanto to smug onlookers*. This is social media at its best. 16:01:14
karenstrunks #twitpanto @chilina Me too. I want a refund *takes off 3D glasses* 16:01:28
nicktheowl @benjiw *swanee whistle noise* #twitpanto 16:01:59
PatBookworm @salt_solutions You should come to #twitpanto. That would cheer you up. 16:02:01
Robintheoffice @chilina @mandyrose1 I can see my fingers typing as if they were right in front of me! #twitpanto 16:02:13
rpetal27 @karenstrunks Lovely ice-cream there - ta chuck! #twitpanto 16:02:13
soba_girl #twitpanto @siwhitehouse I thought that was your flashing light sabre you were hiding... 16:02:26
graphiquillan @hrwaldram I've got a tomato in my hair #twitpanto 16:02:40
andybroomfield have #twitpanto abiently going by in the background... waiting to see if it trends... 16:02:44
susanpatricia1 #twitpanto HES A BIT WET THEN 16:02:48
DebbiRah RT @scotsmanscreen: Follow #twitpanto using which splits the feeds into cast on the stage and audience below - nice w ... 16:02:48
karenstrunks #twitpanto Act two, Scene one. Crikey, there are organised! 16:03:01
robmacpherson #twitpanto hang on - what happened to interval? 16:03:02
tomsmiled Have I missed the interval? I forgot to go to the loo. Nightmare #twitpanto 16:03:03
tombeardshaw boooooooOooO! hissssSSSS! #twitpanto 16:03:03
podnosh @graphiquillan Is that a cock in @probablydrunk's tights or he is just all a flutter to see us? #twitpanto 16:03:04
PRBloke #twitpanto I just love how the narrator is all bold! 16:03:05
shuckle Statler: The legend of Robin Hood will never die. Waldorf: No, but it sure got wounded pretty badly tonight. #twitpanto 16:03:10
Brumcast thought shower? #twitpanto 16:03:14
mandyrose1 What the hell is a thought shower? is that for someone thinking of having a baby #twitpanto 16:03:14
celesteh Is a thought shower like a subdued brain storm? #twitpanto (also: boooooooooooooooooooo) 16:03:30
Brumcast or golden shower? bet he would #twitpanto 16:04:05
graphiquillan @podnosh I'm against cruelty to animals. We need to get the RSPCA to retrieve it from @probablydrunk's hosiery #twitpanto 16:04:06
PRBloke #twitpanto it's a PC brainstorm, to avoid offending loonies 16:04:07
karenstrunks #twitpanto Is the Sheriff a baddie? Boooo hissssss just in case 16:04:08
Robintheoffice @rachel_simmo I thought that twanging noise was just their bows 'n' arrows #twitpanto 16:04:12
gabysslave Hello fellow audience are you having a good time? #twitpanto 16:04:13
nicktheowl RT @shuckle Statler: The legend of Robin Hood will never die. Waldorf: No, but it sure got wounded pretty badly tonight. #twitpanto 16:04:16
chilina @mandyrose1 A thought shower is the correct term for a brain storming #twitpanto 16:04:18
robmacpherson #twitpanto I've got a better beard that that sherrif! 16:04:22
tomsmiled Is it just me or does the Sheriff look different? #twitpanto 16:04:25
karenstrunks #twitpanto it's a very long thought shower 16:04:36
Bizfizz oh no's, late for the #twitpanto. Who's winning? 16:04:38
nicktheowl Oh sorry, BOOOOOO!! Keep up Drewski #twitpanto 16:04:46
rpetal27 Booooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo #twitpanto 16:04:53
mandyrose1 I can feel a big boo coming on #twitpanto 16:05:44
moyam The phone just rang, how rude when I'm in the middle of watching #twitpanto Sorry for disturbance folks, cough. 16:05:52
tomsmiled RT rpetal27 Boooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo #twitpanto :-) 16:06:04
podnosh @graphiquillan They'll need a ladder #twitpanto 16:06:10
nebolland @bizfizz the audience - no contest #twitpanto 16:06:25
drop4three #twitpanto "Dear Maiden what 's wrong?" "That knight stole my honour" "I shall avenge you". And in a moment, he had her honour back again 16:06:39
graphiquillan @podnosh they'll need counselling #twitpanto 16:06:54
bpende Quick Googles appropriate things to shout at a #twitpanto 16:06:58
parboo 'scuse me, sorry , can I get by, sssh, sorry - ah good these are our seats... have we missed much? #twitpanto pass me a malteser bab, ahh ta 16:07:03
tomsmiled @moyam yeah, thanks a lot for that #twitpanto 16:07:04
hanuman #twitpanto Hang on, *finds 3D glasses tucked in side of seat. Puts on 3D glasses* WOW. Have you seen this in 3D. 16:07:15
PatBookworm @salt_solutions It's free for all, or do I mean a free-for-all? #twitpanto 16:07:16
rpetal27 Where are the ministrels @tomsmiled? I only have a banana and pear with me - don't want to get sued if I chuck that. #twitpanto 16:07:40
graphiquillan *secretly opens giant bag of malteasers* #twitpanto 16:07:47
mandyrose1 @parboo you've got my handbag attached to your ankle #twitpanto 16:07:57
tomsmiled @ewan Booooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo ssssssssssssssssssssssssss #twitpanto 16:08:15
soba_girl #twitpanto Bollocks. I need the loo. is there an interval? 16:08:38
susanpatricia1 #twitpanto WHAT GOOD WOULD THAT DO 16:08:39
theaardvark Lol! @ Guy of Glasgow! #twitpanto 16:08:41
siwhitehouse Oi graphiquillan, crash the choccolates #twitpanto 16:08:46
PRBloke #twitpanto what's happened to the cow? 16:08:51
rachel_simmo Anyone got a microwave for me to make my popcorn in? #twitpanto 16:08:56
tomsmiled @rpetal27 here are your 'ministrels'. *starts chucking them across the stalls* #twitpanto 16:08:58
parboo @graphiquillan Ah perfect, pass us a malteser would you - star. Is it good? #twitpanto 16:09:10
bpende *Laughs at obvious pee joke* Hey, you with the malteasers... keep it down, I can't hear @ewan #twitpanto 16:09:15
celesteh #twitpanto booooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo 16:09:19
nicktheowl @hanuman *takes mind-altering drugs* Now that's MUCH better. #twitpanto 16:09:21
cosmicgirlie @graphiquillan I heard that. Sneak one my way will ya? #twitpanto 16:09:28
tomsmiled hey @graphiquillan has got a buge bag of Maltesers. Hand them round, will you? #twitpanto 16:09:34
susanpatricia1 #twitpanto WHENS THE ICE-CREAM COMING ROUND 16:09:36
graphiquillan @siwhitehouse @parboo *lobs malteasers* #twitpanto All good so far. Knickers have been thrown 16:09:41
gabysslave I thought Peter Mandelson was in #thatlondon but it appears he has influenced the #twitpanto 16:09:44
soba_girl #twitpanto That bloke playing Edward looks taller than he did in Emmerdale 16:10:13
podnosh @graphiquillan Mind out - you'll choke on those mini balls #twitpanto 16:10:26
iskandarv @PRBloke see the burger stand? #twitpanto 16:10:29
rpetal27 @graphiqullan - will swap a banana with you for a handful of maltesers #twitpanto 16:10:35
Katchooo @graphiquillan Ooh madame, you are spoiling uz. #twitpanto 16:10:47
siwhitehouse @soba_girl No ones looking, quickly go in the aisle #twitpanto 16:10:58
graphiquillan @podnosh I've told you, @probablydrunk's tights are a hazard. I'm not going near them #twitpanto 16:11:27
rpetal27 @tomsmiled *catches ministrels, semi-melts in hand and chucks it back* #twitpanto 16:11:30
bradatpharma #followfriday @twitpanto A late inclusion to this mess. For your holiday cheer and in the spirit of cultural diversity, check 'em out. 16:11:52
bpende #followfriday @twitpanto A late inclusion to this mess. For your holiday cheer and in the spirit of cultural diversity, check 'em out. 16:11:53
gabysslave I fancy a cup of tea any one else want one? #twitpanto 16:11:53
nicktheowl Cripes, panto war has broken out between @KirkleesTownHls & @bradfordtheatre! Take cover, there may be blood-leeting in the foyer #twitpanto 16:11:54
Tiggr What?? No broadband from the crusades? How very 9th century #twitpanto 16:12:00
tomsmiled @soba_girl oh nooo, not in the bloody aisle. #pisspoorshow #twitpanto 16:12:00
bykimbo Thirsty work this. Must be all the singing and chocolate. I'm going to the bar, who wants a beer? #twitpanto 16:12:07
susanpatricia1 #twitpanto WHAT ARE YOU DOING 16:12:09
graphiquillan @tomsmiled *launches more malteasers into the crowd* #twitpanto 16:12:21
soba_girl #twitpanto @siwhitehouse I'm waiting till the Malteser bag's empty 16:12:24
PRBloke RT @iskandarv: @PRBloke see the burger stand? #twitpanto at least it'll be fresh! 16:12:43
bpende Waahhhh hey... horse riding... #twitpanto 16:13:04
soshanau #twitpanto @gabysslave I've got the kettle on now 16:13:06
soba_girl #twitpanto @tomsmiled S'ok, I've made alternative arrangements... *tries not to rustle sweet bag too loudly* 16:13:13
susanpatricia1 #twitpanto HAHA TOO EXPENCIVE 16:13:18
Brumcast I'm out of chocs #twitpanto 16:13:41
gabysslave Yay the real baddie is here @tom_watson #twitpanto 16:14:02
susanpatricia1 #twitpanto TRUST HIM TO BE LATE BOOOOOOO 16:14:11
mandyrose1 Who said vodka? #twitpanto 16:14:16
graphiquillan I can smell something. Can anyone else smell something? #twitpanto 16:14:23
cosmicgirlie @graphiquillan Did you just throw up over me? There's always *someone* who hurls in the theatre... #twitpanto 16:14:24
tomsmiled @soba-girl :-) I hope you've got an elastic band to secure that afterwards #twitpanto 16:14:26
hanuman #twitpanto Who ordered the pizza? 16:14:29
Dan_Martin @tom_watson Come on Tom; get your sheriff's outfit on! #twitpanto 16:14:39
bpende @bykimbo Grab me a Coke while you're there... Not enough sugar in my veins yet. #twitpanto 16:14:43
pigsonthewing Sorry I'm late... 'Scuse me... Is this row C? Er, I think you're in my seat, madam ... #twitpanto 16:14:49
siwhitehouse It's alright, there's already quite a Twitterstream flowing down the aisle already #twitpanto 16:14:56
PatBookworm This is the funniest panto I've seen in years. Come to think of it, it's the only panto I've seen in years. #twitpanto 16:15:00
graphiquillan @mandyrose1 we should just get a bottle between us. That should just about be enough #twitpanto 16:15:19
soba_girl #twitpanto Boooooooooooooooooooooooo! 16:15:25
rachel_simmo @pigsonthewing Bugger off that's my seat! #twitpanto 16:15:45
tomsmiled @pigsonthewing this is MY seat. And I am NOT a Madam. *sits in huff* #twitpanto 16:15:49
karenstrunks #twitpanto oh noes. I've gotta get ready to go out. Damn the real world! :'( 16:15:58
pigsonthewing Is that a back-bencher? Standards have slipped; we had a minister last year. #twitpanto 16:16:10
Roboteernat @karenstrunks ahh thank you for my icecream, thanks trevor for your milk! :) #twitpanto 16:16:11
gabysslave @graphiquillan- no but I do have beer, whisky and gin though #twitpanto 16:16:13
mandyrose1 @graphiquillan ha ha but I have one aleady here you go #twitpanto 16:16:22
nicktheowl @getgood Got some time off from running his Casino, presumably #twitpanto 16:16:41
soba_girl #twitpanto Does one of us get to go up on stage and perform a ludicrous task in return for a crappy souvenir? 16:16:50
Katchooo @gabysslave Haiiii! I have vodka and cognac... #twitpanto 16:17:14
graphiquillan @cosmicgirlie no. It was that small child who was screaming earlier #twitpanto 16:17:30
bykimbo @bpende Right oh sweetie! Geddit? Groan. Somebody over there's got maltesers, you should grab some. Coke's coming. #twitpanto 16:17:34
bpende Good grief... when do I get to start throwing stuff... all the guidebooks said I could throw stuff... #twitpanto 16:17:43
soba_girl #twitpanto @pigsonthewing Well, there's no interval, that's all I know 16:17:48
susanpatricia1 #twitpanto HES TOOK HIS CLOTHS OFF OMG 16:17:52
Brumcast OOOOHH ERRRR!!!! #twitpanto 16:17:58
tomsmiled RT @pigsonthewingIs that a back-bencher? Standards have slipped; we had a minister last year. #twitpanto :-) 16:18:05
graphiquillan @gabysslave Thanks, but @mandyrose1 has just sorted me out *slugs voddie* :) #twitpanto 16:18:06
griefoftwats Amazed the noise from the rest of the audience hasn't got #twitpanto trending yet. Some of us are trying to watch a play in peace! 16:18:07
pigsonthewing Maid Marion's lady-in-waiting looks a bit rough. Apparently, she's only a stand-in. The original choice was much better. #twitpanto 16:18:16
nicktheowl "our camp location is a secret" LOL #twitpanto 16:18:21
PRBloke #twitpanto have we just missed an 'oh no it isn't'? 16:18:37
keridavies "camp location" = Glamorous Showbar? #twitpanto 16:18:37
chilina Shhhh the usher is coming. ho hum... nothing to see here #twitpanto 16:19:10
bpende DUCK TRAFIGURA, DUCK!!! ROBIN'S GONNA SHOOT AT YA... #twitpanto 16:19:21
podnosh @twitpanto Oh no he's not - it's the twights that make him seem camp. #twitpanto 16:19:26
digitaylor Did you see where he went? #twitpanto 16:19:31
pigsonthewing @soba_girl Damn, I've just had a bellyfull of tea... #twitpanto 16:19:38
susanpatricia1 #twitpanto IS THAT WHAT YOU CALL IT, WE CALL IT SOMETHING ELSE 16:19:52
susanpatricia1 #twitpanto OH NO NOT SINGING AGAIN 16:20:19
graphiquillan @peteashton I'm so glad you typed that correctly :D #twitpanto 16:20:33
pigsonthewing That little guy looks just like the 'Degree in Facebookology' teacher... #twitpanto 16:20:42
priddy @karenstrunks And we have real work to do in that real world as well #twitpanto 16:20:59
martinwake #twitpanto *sings* SHAFT (John Shaft...) 16:21:08
bpende *friends Friar Tuck on foursquare* *unlocks fantasy panto friend badge* #twitpanto 16:21:48
DaddyP Behind me? I thought I was behind you .... #twitpanto 16:21:49
Katchooo @jonhickman #twitpanto ...Ah-ah, saviour of the universe. 16:21:52
lastminute_com @bounder Hi there, you've made our list of Top 10 Birmingham blogs #twitpanto 16:21:52
deejackson did I miss anything #twitpanto? trust @LondonJazz to wing at the wong time... 16:21:59
siwhitehouse Is this the interval? #twitpanto 16:22:02
devilsguidetoit does following #twitpanto fall into category of illegal downloading? When's the Demon King coming on? 16:22:28
ClareWhite Will anyone be selling hash stags outside afterwards? #twitpanto 16:22:32
iskandarv @PollyWaddilove Looks pretty magnificent to me. However am in middle of twitpanto, whats happening...? 16:22:40
gabysslave Didn't take long for #smut to appear at #twitpanto is @podnosh around 16:22:41
iamadonut Oi, you in the upper circle. Pipe down, please! #twitpanto 16:22:49
wendybaileypr @graphiquillan #twitpanto Dahlings I am here - Baroness Hardup - I really Fancy ... Some Spampagne! #Frys later. Eh? 16:23:05
jennybee Quiet at the back! Some of us are trying to watch #twitpanto 16:23:06
gabysslave bpende *friends Friar Tuck on foursquare* *unlocks fantasy panto friend badge* #twitpanto #> lol 16:23:16
graphiquillan *drinks vodka loudly through straw* #twitpanto 16:23:17
podnosh @greaphiquillan That Little John reminds me of Noel Edmunds - but without the hair #twitpanto 16:23:18
DaddyP Where's my Blackberry? - we need Buttons #twitpanto 16:23:24
nick_appleyard I think I'm in the wron theatre #twitpanto 16:23:34
siwhitehouse @gabysslave Last time I saw @podnosh the usher was taking him back up the aisle #twitpanto 16:23:43
nick_appleyard Does anyone know where Cinderella's playing? #twitpanto 16:24:09
getfrank #twitpanto *cough cough splutter* 16:24:11
tickvg the cock feather! #twitpanto 16:24:26
keridavies The cock feather! #twitpanto. 16:24:32
Tiggr **Shouts out with cast** Cockfether #twitpanto 16:24:35
soba_girl #twitpanto Can you lot speed up a bit? I don't wanna miss last orders. 16:24:51
pigsonthewing ~ @Podnosh is playing a grumpy old man. #typecasting #twitpanto 16:24:54
Brumcast choking on a minstrel (ooh-er) #twitpanto 16:24:58
DaddyP Widow Typo!! What's that in your pocket - a bun? #twitpanto 16:25:00
Katchooo The cock feather! #twitpanto 16:25:06
DebbiRah Wondering whether @dracos has built a scenario into for things like #twitpanto 16:25:08
graphiquillan @podnosh well, his taste in jumpers is just as bad #twitpanto 16:25:18
nicktheowl No just amusing, but also educational #twitpanto 16:25:26
devilsguidetoit surely the cast of #twitpanto should have 140 characters? 16:25:27
bpende *stupid American giggles at double entendre* #twitpanto 16:25:36
siwhitehouse The Cock Father (where's @ponosh again?) #twitpanto 16:25:39
pigsonthewing I've been to Nockin, and seen the Nockin Shop (yes, really!) #twitpanto 16:25:46
soba_girl #twitpanto Boom boom! Only one shop! Hahahahah!! 16:25:59
bykimbo Not sure @ClareWhite but if you go down to the front you can get a drunk on a stick. *wince* that's got to smart #twitpanto 16:26:17
chilina Hurray! I've been to Nockin and seen the Nockin Shop!!!!! #twitpanto 16:26:39
susanpatricia1 #twitpanto THAT NO 11 GOES EVERYWHERE 16:27:14
PauklSchmaukl #twitpanto is completely lost on me. Just when I think I've got a handle on this social networking thing 16:27:30
cyberdoyle @gabysslave never say no to a cuppatea. cheers #twitpanto 16:27:33
nick_appleyard Ooh. A Malteser. Thanks very much #twitpanto 16:27:35
podnosh @graphiquillan I'll have you know my hoodigan has been admired in Sherwood Forest #twitpanto 16:27:56
nicktheowl Erm.... COCK FEATHER! *gets disapproving looks for from rest of #twitpanto audience* 16:27:56
nick_appleyard Mind if I just settle in between you here? #twitpanto 16:28:02
soba_girl #twitpanto Somebody prod me when it's time to save Tinkerbell 16:28:08
susanpatricia1 #twitpanto OH HERE COME THE ARROWS 16:28:21
tomsmiled Have we just missed ANOTHER interval? Crosses legs. #twitpanto 16:28:30
pigsonthewing distinct lack of tea in this Fazeley Studio^W^W theatre *hint* #twitpanto 16:28:39
susanpatricia1 #twitpanto COME ON ROBIN SHOW THEM HOW TO DO IT 16:28:57
nick_appleyard Pardon me. Sorry. 'scuse me. Thanks very much. If I can just. Ah, that's better. Sorry I'm late. #twitpanto 16:28:58
pigsonthewing *rustles toffee wrapper* #twitpanto 16:29:04
graphiquillan @soba_girl wait til Sleeping Beauty gets poked with a spindly prick. Oh, wrong Panto #twitpanto 16:29:06
johnpopham I just got here, delayed by the snow, have I missed anything? #twitpanto 16:29:36
susanpatricia1 #twitpanto ARE YOU SURE HES NOT BEBO 16:29:54
gabysslave Have a special cup of Brum brewed tea in my special spaghetti junction cup #twitpanto 16:30:13
graphiquillan @podnosh but breakdancing in your tartan slippers is just wrong #twitpanto 16:30:32
rachel_simmo Red wine anyone? #twitpanto 16:30:35
deejackson RT @soba_girl: #twitpanto Somebody prod me when it's time to save Tinkerbell 16:30:36
Tiggr @johnpopham Nothing but bad puns and heavy breathing #twitpanto 16:30:36
tomsmiled @tom_watson BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO Sssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss #twitpanto 16:30:51
bensholto @tom_watson Oh no you're not! (I know, I'm hilarious....) #twitpanto 16:31:04
Archerbot RT @probablydrunk Robin: In archery we call it a gold, I’m not Phil Taylor. #twitpanto: Robin: In archery we ca.. 16:31:18
Archerbot RT @twitpanto Robin, archery geek, show off, poor at fancy dress somehow manages to split Glasgow’s arrow in th.. 16:31:23
johnpopham Do they not know Loxley is in Sheffield. And Robin Hood airport is in Doncaster... #twitpanto 16:31:25
soba_girl #twitpanto @graphiquillan That sounds more like the show @siwhitehouse thought he was seeing 16:31:30
nicktheowl COCK FEATHER! *is bundled out by stewards* #twitpanto 16:31:37
shuckle Waldorf: I've got half a mind to leave. Statler: If you had half a mind, you wouldn't be here. #twitpanto 16:31:42
graphiquillan @rachel_simmo I'll have shome of thatsh too *hic* #twitpanto 16:31:42
rpetal27 @rachel_simmo - yes please - some red wine would be great and also booooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo sssssssssssssssssssssssss #twitpanto 16:31:48
priddy @soba_girl I'll prod you when it comes to the thigh slapping as well ;-) #twitpanto 16:32:02
soshanau #twitpanto Yeah, go Robin! 16:32:03
pigsonthewing *answers mobile phone* "I can't talk now, I'm at the theatre" - "OK" - "Yes" - "OK, speak later". - "Bye" #twitpanto 16:32:16
nick_appleyard What's all this stuff about fletchers? I thought it was thatchers that came from these parts? #twitpanto 16:32:40
rachel_simmo @graphiquillan @rpetal27 One bottle or two? I mean one glass or two? #twitpanto 16:32:47
susanpatricia1 #twitpanto SORRY EXCUSE ME, JUST NEED TO GO TO THE LOO 16:32:56
gabysslave *sings* Run Robin, Run Robin, RUN RUN RUN #twitpanto 16:32:58
ClareWhite @johnpopham only a lot of flying popcorn & cock feathers #twitpanto 16:33:11
chrisbates Writing Xmas cards and editing @Substrakt, meanwhile in the office a pantomime is being performed over twitter, very interesting! #twitpanto 16:33:33
pigsonthewing I knew I should have stayed in the pub. #twitpanto 16:33:58
deejackson @rachel_simmo well only if it is a pinot noir... offs, save me some too! #twitpanto 16:34:00
paul_clarke I just misread fletchers as felchers. I'll get back on me bike... #twitpanto 16:34:01
graphiquillan @rachel_simmo two bottles. In one of those comedy construction hat's with straws attached, please #twitpanto 16:34:19
Brumcast *sings* Run Robin, Run Robin, RUN RUN RUN #twitpanto 16:34:38
podnosh @graphiquillan judging from @probablydrunk's tights Robin appears to have feathered his cock. #twitpanto 16:34:43
stef Shh. Just blagged my way into the royal box to watch #twitpanto black suit, white shirt, black tie and an earpiece always works. Nice view! 16:34:45
chilina He's behind you!!! #twitpanto 16:34:45
bpende Roasting Meat? I'm assuming those are the denuded cocks... of who's feathers the fletchings are made... #twitpanto 16:34:48
rachel_simmo @deejackson I don't know if this straw will reach to the bottom of the bottle... #twitpanto 16:34:56
siwhitehouse @soba_girl I would prod you but I seem to be stuck to my seat. If somebody could pull me off first #twitpanto 16:34:56
loliticsbrum He's behind you!!!1!! #twitpanto 16:35:16
nicktheowl *from outside theatre door, whilst being restrained* He's behind you!! #twitpanto 16:35:20
hanuman #twitpanto he's behind you. 16:35:25
rpetal27 @rachel_simmo can you just pour a bottle down my neck? Then I can stumble on stage and try and grope Robin. #twitpanto? 16:35:30
nick_appleyard ugh. there's something sticky on this seat. #twitpanto 16:35:31
philipjohn He's behind you! #twitpanto 16:35:36
DaddyP Who's that behind me? #twitpanto 16:35:49
bpende HE'S BEHIND YOU... RUN... RUN... *checks off cheat sheet* #twitpanto 16:35:51
rpetal27 He's is behind you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! #twitpanto 16:35:54
nick_appleyard he's behind you!!!!! #twitpanto 16:36:01
podnosh @stef Are you peeping down her Madges quivers ? #twitpanto 16:36:14
graphiquillan @podnosh he's been gored by his gusset? #twitpanto 16:36:18
bykimbo Ooh look at the time! The soup kitchen will be open now. Thanks for letting me keep warm, but gotta go or the bread'll be gone. #twitpanto 16:36:25
SoullaStylianou #twitpanto I hope I can catch up later. just no time. #chatbot testing 16:36:43
susanpatricia1 #twitpanto THERE ALWAYS THERE WHEN THERES SOMETHING FREE 16:37:00
visit_bham He's behind you #twitpanto 16:37:10
pigsonthewing ~ @siwhitehouse morphs into Humphrey Littleton #twitpanto 16:37:13
PRBloke #twitpanto loving the pic @alexhughes but wasn't it a bulls eye? 16:37:14
podnosh @graphiquillan and shafted by his fletcher #twitpanto 16:37:18
bpende Oh, no wait... he's not behind you... my bad... he's behind the other guy... #twitpanto 16:37:21
susanpatricia1 #twitpanto ARE YOU SURE ITS NIOT COLIN AND JUSTIN 16:37:22
warwickarts Go Trafigura go. We love the eyeshadow. SO fetching#twitpanto 16:37:30
johnpopham I think I've seen this before, shall I spoil the ending for you? #twitpanto 16:37:45
nick_appleyard this mead's a bit runny. #twitpanto 16:37:50
devilsguidetoit will it be long until the community song? I always enjoy "the worm at the bottom of the garden." #twitpanto 16:38:05
bpende Little John's so fat he can surround the room all alone... he don't need no help :) #twitpanto 16:38:06
WMBirdClub What's all this about feathers, and robins? #twitpanto 16:38:06
podnosh @graphiquillan First Robin's camp, now Little John is too. #twitpanto 16:38:09
davidpeto Just finished my work as the sound designer on @twitpanto. Settling in to watch the show from the lighting box. #twitpanto 16:38:22
Tiggr @nick_appleyard If it's not runny now, wait a few hours, lol #twitpanto 16:38:41
susanpatricia1 #twitpanto HAVE YOU BEEN IN MY KITCHEN? 16:38:43
deejackson did someone say Free Mead? did he hack into the Pentagon as well? #twitpanto (is it caipirinha time yet @rachel_simmo???) 16:38:43
warwickarts I scream I scream I scream for ice cream#twitpanto 16:38:58
susanpatricia1 #twitpanto OH NO NOT DANCING NOW 16:39:00
nick_appleyard look out! he's got his sword out! #twitpanto 16:39:09
graphiquillan @podnosh yes, but @jonhickman has gone down the cheapskate tights route. He's strapped string shopping bags to his legs #twitpanto 16:39:27
bruntonspall Enjoying the #twitpanto from here in the back 16:39:30
johnpopham Will you stop that rustling! #twitpanto 16:39:46
DaddyP I can't undo these buttons Buttons ....... where's Velcro? #twitpanto 16:40:01
PatBookworm Is there a bar in this place? #twitpanto 16:40:15
JennyHenrywood Sadly can't stay to see how #twitpanto unfolds. Make sure you clap if you believe in fairies and hope the slipper fits Maid Marion 16:40:33
binfairy It seems wrong doing the bins during #twitpanto, but needs must *sings* 'driving home for Christmas ' 16:40:36
nicktheowl RT @Other_Pete all together now THE SHERRIFF'S BALLS GET BIGGER EVERY YEAR #twitpanto 16:40:48
soba_girl #twitpanto Where's that bleedin' snack trolley? These children need food, and fast! 16:41:00
nick_appleyard @Tiggr nope, it's definitely runnymead. #twitpanto 16:41:10
simonhowes Ahh #twitpanto I see is trending. How can I filter my stream though? 16:41:35
soshanau #twitpanto I'm confused - what is Rumpelsiltskin and Snow White doing in this panto? I need a drink - when is this going to end?! 16:41:38
sundaylocal Good grief. @podnosh has gone off in the theatre. #twitpanto 16:41:38
bpende Hit THAT guy... no, not him... oooOOH!!! the OTHER guy!!! Kill 'em all, let the evil minion sort 'em out... #twitpanto 16:42:10
parboo @graphiquillan @podnosh @jonhickman at least he's not using a plastic carrier - they are sooo yesterday #twitpanto 16:42:10
Katherine_Ann RT @johnpopham: Will you stop that rustling! #twitpanto (sorry!) 16:42:26
soba_girl #twitpanto *grumbles* And how come I always sit behind the tall bloke with big hair 16:42:28
pigsonthewing *blows nose noisily* #twitpanto 16:42:30
sundaylocal TRUN YOUR PHONE OFF, @PODNOSH >:-( #twitpanto 16:42:31
Bizfizz Scuse me sorry, oops sorry, scuse me, sorry madam, scuse me thank you sorry scuse me sorry 'where are the loos?' #twitpanto 16:42:35
sundaylocal @soshanau I think they're lost. #twitpanto 16:42:50
graphiquillan @parboo that'd be fetish cheapskate ;) #twitpanto 16:43:05
nick_appleyard and that's a very fine big map if I may say so. #twitpanto 16:43:17
pigsonthewing ~ @getgood Ridicule is nothing to be scared of. #badoomtish #twitpanto 16:43:20
parboo @waugaman at least you can watch #twitpanto anywhere 16:43:27
iamadonut Pass the Strepsils. #twitpanto 16:43:43
hanuman #twitpanto ridicule is nothing to be scared of 16:43:48
sundaylocal OR 'TURN' IT OFF, IF YOU PREFER. @podnosh #twitpanto 16:43:48
johnpopham @sundaylocal if @podnosh turns his phone off, how's he going to tweet? #twitpanto 16:43:53
Tiggr slaps @nick_appleyard! (oooh sorry, I thought you said baps) never mind... #twitpanto 16:44:19
nick_appleyard @soba_girl Sorry, does it help if I sit to the side like this? #twitpanto 16:44:20
pigsonthewing Is there a scriptwriter in the house? #twitpanto 16:44:34
johnpopham @podnosh Turn your phone back on! #twitpanto 16:44:44
graphiquillan @cataspanglish plenty o' booze *opens schnapps and swigs straight from the bottle* :) #twitpanto 16:44:49
DavidACGregory *kicks seat of @prbloke in front repeatedly* #twitpanto 16:44:58
sundaylocal @podnosh So what's that funny noise? Your pacemaker? #twitpanto 16:44:58
soba_girl #twitpanto @nick_appleyard Yes. And now STAY like that *tuts* 16:45:17
NajmC Arrived late was at a seminar - excuse me, excuse me, sorry, sorry, oops was that your drink, excuse me #twitpanto 16:45:24
johnpopham @Katherine_Ann Ah, so it was you! You can carry on rustling if you like ;-) #twitpanto 16:45:32
nick_appleyard @Tiggr ow! What was THAT for? #twitpanto 16:45:45
rachel_simmo @david_elks @PatBookworm Yep, plenty of vino to go around #twitpanto 16:46:20
PRBloke #twitpanto I didn't see you come in @davidacGregory , but i did hear a mac rustling, so should have known 16:46:36
Katchooo #twitpanto Where's Marian gone? Shouldn't she be getting all feisty/helpless right now? 16:47:08
sundaylocal @probablydrunk Pots and kettles come to mind. #twitpanto 16:47:10
johnpopham Is there a fire drill scheduled? #twitpanto 16:47:17
PatBookworm @david_elks Red wine gives me a headache. Good job I brought a hip flask. #twitpanto 16:47:22
nick_appleyard SSSSHHHHHHHH!!!!!!! #twitpanto 16:48:00
sundaylocal @johnpopham No, that's @podnosh's pacemaker. Don't panic, it happens a lot. #twitpanto 16:48:16
Katchooo #twitpanto Someone sing a song fer chrissakes. 16:48:19
soba_girl #twitpanto God, social services are gonna be round in a minute if i don't feed these children. Are there any Maltesers left? 16:48:21
Tiggr @nick_appleyard Sowwy... misunderstanding... forgive please #twitpanto 16:48:21
podnosh @Katchooo #twitpanto Marian has been silenced by a super emabargo 16:48:58
loliticsbrum He's behind you!!!11!! #twitpanto 16:49:14
dawnuptheroad sorry im late hope i havent missed #twitpanto 16:49:29
karmadillo *wanders in late* Thought I'd pop into the warm since our boiler is still broken! ;) #twitpanto 16:49:40
NajmC Have I missed anything? #twitpanto 16:49:48
DaddyP Ha ha ..... Widow Typo has written the words to the song on her thong - brilliant!!!! #twitpanto 16:49:49
Katchooo #twitpanto @alexhughes What about their supersoft cousin: Charmin Ultra 16:50:20
cyberdoyle @nick_appleyard cinderellas stuck at computer club, so only in audience at #twitpanto 16:50:44
siwhitehouse Hello Cinders, nice tights, wrong panto #twitpanto 16:51:11
PRBloke #twitpanto oh no! @alexhughes has got his snake out! 16:51:11
Tiggr Is it intermission yet?? Need the loo please... excuse me... #twitpanto 16:51:23
nick_appleyard @Tiggr That's OK. Perfectly understandable. My, are those your buns? I don't suppose I could.....? #twitpanto 16:51:33
ClareWhite @PatBookworm ooh, pass it over. are they some spare maltesers you've got too? #twitpanto 16:51:36
pigsonthewing *wakes abruptly* Uh, wha..? #twitpanto 16:51:46
soba_girl #twitpanto Why is there suddenly a sheep on stage? 16:51:58
soba_girl #twitpanto @pigsonthewing You were snoring so loud I couldn't hear the audience laughing. Oh, hold on... 16:52:55
chixor @Ewan Hitler a Vegetarian? Oh no he isnt! #twitpanto 16:52:56
mandyrose1 I wish Trevor would stop mooing #twitpanto 16:53:02
DaddyP I think there are Health and Safety issues concerning the size of that Golden Egg ....... just sayin' #twitpanto 16:53:07
graphiquillan RT @twitpanto: And the Sheriff? Play Him Off Keyboard Cat, and Alan-a-Dale: #twitpanto 16:53:08
sundaylocal @podnosh Is *that* what he calls it..? #twitpanto @katchooo 16:53:09
nick_appleyard @cyberdoyle Plenty of room on the balcony for the computer club. Shuffle up now. #twitpanto 16:53:13
soshanau #twitpanto Are we there yet? 16:53:13
pigsonthewing I've only just got here! #twitpanto 16:53:40
sundaylocal @twitpanto At last. Can I go home now? #twitpanto 16:53:42
iamadonut Bravo! Author! #twitpanto 16:53:47
rachel_simmo @mandyrose1 Fancy a roast beef dinner with Trevor then? #twitpanto 16:53:48
siwhitehouse *** APPLAUSE *** #twitpanto 16:53:58
DebbiRah Ah man, can't believe #twitpanto is finishing, just as I decide there's no point in trying to work & get settled with my knitting 16:53:59
cyberdoyle @johnpopham its always the same, someone with rattly toffees right near you... #twitpanto 16:54:06
martinwake right, what time does it start? #twitpanto 16:54:14
nebolland *round of applause* ENCORE ENCORE!!! #twitpanto 16:54:18
graphiquillan Bravo! *applause* :) #twitpanto 16:54:23
mandyrose1 Yeah! yeah! clap clap whistle whistle whistle #twitpanto 16:54:24
PRBloke #twitpanto is it time for the big clap? 16:54:25
rpetal27 Boooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo ...hang on is it finished? #twitpanto ... well booooooooooooooooooooo to that then 16:54:29
lornaparsons *claps* BRAVO!!! #twitpanto 16:54:44
the_drums Well done all! Thrilling performance especially @exsanguinator! #twitpanto 16:54:45
pigsonthewing RT @soba_girl: #twitpanto @pigsonthewing You were snoring so loud I couldn't hear the audience laughing. Oh, hold on... < *applause* 16:54:52
Mann_Kumar #twitpanto - yay!, well done ! *loud clapping* 16:54:52
Tiggr Bravo!! Author! Author! **throws roses to cast and crew** #twitpanto 16:54:55
DaddyP The story so far ........... #twitpanto 16:54:57
robmacpherson #twitpanto clap, clap, clap, clap, wooooo etc 16:55:05
keridavies #twitpanto Bravo! Where's the aftershow? 16:55:05
ClareWhite @twitpanto *applause* bravo! bravo! #twitpanto 16:55:06
PRBloke #twitpanto you were all fabulous darlings 16:55:19
deejackson no-o-o-o-o! & just when it was getting exciting...... #twitpanto 16:55:25
SarahABGee Bugger, my meetings ran over - what's the policy on latecomer admission? #twitpanto 16:55:29
nicktheowl Finally - I've got the stewards to let me back in. What's happening next people? #twitpanto 16:55:35
podnosh @graphiquillan If that's what passes for entertainment on the internet I'd rather watch a morgue at night #twitpanto 16:55:40
robmacpherson #twitpanto now Jo_Ind can review! 16:55:52
brumhippodrome front of house ready for #twitpanto audience leaving ..... 16:55:57
johnpopham Can you do it again? I missed a lot of it! ;-) #twitpanto 16:56:03
cyberdoyle @nick_appleyard newbies from club gone home now, & they arnt up 2 tweet stage. still learning how 2 turn it on & off again #twitpanto 16:56:09
soba_girl #twitpanto *standing ovation* 16:56:09
rpetal27 *applause* bravo - well done! #twitpanto 16:56:10
cyberdoyle @nick_appleyard is the queen not on the balcony? #twitpanto 16:56:32
PatBookworm @ClareWhite There's no such thing as a spare malteser! #twitpanto 16:56:33
sundaylocal @jonhickman No. You were all rubbish. #twitpanto 16:56:34
NajmC I was warming to Edward (a henchman) #twitpanto 16:57:04
DaddyP I'll collect the sweeties off the floor then ....... shessssh #twitpanto 16:57:12
nicktheowl Oh, it's finished. Right, I'm off to hoover the dregs of the interval drinks then #twitpanto 16:57:14
Tiggr hmmm is my diary open for the next #twitpanto?? I sure hope so! Great fun and giggles! 16:57:20
soshanau #twitpanto *Applause* Same time tomorrow?! 16:57:23
brumhippodrome Brian Conley and Joe Pasquale must be quaking! #twitpanto 16:57:27
mandyrose1 Where's my coat? oh god I've dropped my popcorn - now where's the aftershow #twitpanto 16:57:28
hrwaldram Applause. RT @twitpanto: And the Sheriff? Play The Sherriff Off Keyboard Cat, and Alan-a-Dale: #twitpanto 16:57:48
nick_appleyard 'salright I suppose. Twitterdance was better though. #twitpanto 16:57:48
bpende Huzzah!!!! throws flowers and malteasers... #twitpanto 16:57:57
Katchooo RT @twitpanto: And the Sheriff? Play The Sherriff Off Keyboard Cat, and Alan-a-Dale: #twitpanto (via @bounder) 16:57:57
cyberdoyle @siwhitehouse you leave my tights out of it. #twitpanto 16:57:58
joannageary RT @twitpanto: And the Sheriff? Play The Sherriff Off Keyboard Cat, and Alan-a-Dale: 16:57:59
catnip Starring @boobounds as Fretboard Cat RT @twitpanto And the Sheriff? Play Him Off Keyboard Cat, Alan-a-Dale: #twitpanto 16:58:21
mandyrose1 Lionel Blair's impressed he's hanging around stage door #twitpanto 16:58:23
midge_uk Author! Author! #Twitpanto 16:58:25
johnpopham Is the bar open? #twitpanto 16:58:30
Katchooo The End! Applause! Hurrah! Bravo! Cuppa tea? #twitpanto 16:58:41
parboo #twitpanto from the little I saw - bravo to one and all. *applauds loudly* 16:58:48
cyberdoyle RT @soba_girl: #twitpanto *standing ovation* 16:58:51
Crofty #followfriday @daddyp he's got #twitpanto going - very funny! 16:58:53
nick_appleyard @cyberdoyle No, he's down on the stage, in drag. #twitpanto 16:59:10
keridavies You were all wonderful, darlings #twitpanto 16:59:11
PatBookworm @ClareWhite Oy! Don't you go running off with my flask! #twitpanto 16:59:13
pigsonthewing I only came because they said there'd be can-can girls. #twitpanto 16:59:16
mandyrose1 Handsome Prince hooray#twitpanto 16:59:16
sundaylocal @nicktheowl OH YES THEY BLINKING WERE. #twitpanto 16:59:36
Tiggr Where's the after-party?? #twitpanto 16:59:50
karmadillo *cheers* Hoorah! errr was it good?! I kind of missed it! ;) #twitpanto 17:00:00
archityke Excuse me, excuse me, sorry I'm late, had to pick up my tights from the drycleaners! #twitpanto 17:00:23
brumhippodrome dont forget SLEEPING BEAUTY, a very real Panto, opens here tomorow #twitpanto 17:00:26
susanpatricia1 #twitpanto over for this year. 17:00:56
Katchooo #twitpanto Listening to the full raw version of Alan-A-Dale. Pleeeeeeeese share the wonder @peteashton! 17:01:06
ClareWhite @PatBookworm woops, I do apologise. Don't know how that always happens #twitpanto 17:01:08
nicktheowl @SundayLocal I've forgotten what we were arguing about *chugs leftover mead* #twitpanto 17:01:11
Tiggr Scroll up, read it backwards, it's even better, lol #twitpanto 17:01:14
pigsonthewing That's no standing ovation, it's a rush for the exits. #twitpanto 17:01:17
NajmC As it finished? Will it be on iPlayer? #twitpanto 17:01:18
cyberdoyle @nick_appleyard puss in boots huh? no sign of my handsome prince tho. #twitpanto 17:01:31
robmacpherson #twitpanto right... time to watch our Sleepgin beauty dress rehearsal 17:01:32
doclorraine tarnation - missed #twitpanto 17:01:41
brumhippodrome well done everyone #twitpanto reviews should be out tomorrow 17:01:48
BryonyEvens Good work all involved in #twitpanto Loved the song! couldn't follow panto - wine & chocs here! 17:01:56
Katherine_Ann @johnpopham you've always got to bring a pack of worthers original to a panto #twitpanto 17:02:02
hanuman #twitpanto dshing for Arcadian car park. It's always a shag getting out after the Hippodrome. Theatre goers can't work carpark machines 17:02:09
johnpopham No real ale in the bar, I'm going looking for a pub #twitpanto 17:02:15
susanpatricia1 @brumhippodrome Loved twitpanto but can't wait for the real thing 17:02:19
brumhippodrome everyone is leaving #twitpanto - goodnight everyone cu soon 17:03:00
ClareWhite @johnpopham save me a beer, I'm off to see if I can catch and tame one of the hash stags #twitpanto 17:03:59
nicktheowl @citizensheep Now I'm really confused *nurses jug of mead dolefully* #twitpanto 17:04:28
cyberdoyle @citizensheep clap clap more more, missed half of it getting home through the snow #twitpanto 17:04:38
nicktheowl Where's the afterparty then? #twitpanto 17:05:04
nick_appleyard @cyberdoyle One day, Mrs Doyle. One day. Cuppa tea? #twitpanto 17:05:19
joannageary - Let me share with you the picture the remained frozen on my screen for most of #twitpanto 17:05:26
Bizfizz The queue in that loo ... Bugger have I missed the end? #twitpanto 17:05:27
robmacpherson #twitpanto thanks @dracos and @bounder. that seemed to work quite well! *warm applause* 17:06:03
joannageary RT @dracos If you have any information on real pantos, or other theatre productions, do add them to :) #twitpanto 17:06:24
deejackson #FF @bounder @joannageary @peteashton & all #twitpanto gang! now I know how I somehow ended up in brum posse! still weeping guys! thanks! ;D 17:06:36
Tiggr @joannageary I'm famous!! That's my tweet in your pic, lol #twitpanto 17:06:45
pigsonthewing RT @chrisivens: Aww arse. Rate limit exceeded. #twitpanto < Amateur! 17:07:47
brumhippodrome @twitpanto well done everyone - what a fabulous company #twitpanto 17:07:54
cyberdoyle @nick_appleyard cor thanks Buttons. never say no to a cuppatea me. #twitpanto 17:08:17
nicktheowl @benjiw ooOOOooh! Will you still talk to me now you're a famous twitpantista known across the entire of the Twitter? #twitpanto 17:08:28
deejackson RT @twitpanto: "watch again" will be sorted asap - for now, if you care, the script is here: for the bits you missed ... 17:08:37
joannageary Back from being a pumpkin and @twitpanto is now safely back in the hands of @bounder. 17:08:39
nick_appleyard @joannageary Yeah. That's pretty much the image that was in my mind's eye during #twitpanto too 17:08:56
soba_girl Good God, have hone straight from #twitpanto into CBeebies panto. Gnygh. 17:09:01
Katchooo #twitpanto Right, farewell, now to #subtlemob. 17:10:07
philcoyne Enjoyed #twitpanto, another great effort from the team 17:10:25
catnip RT @twitpanto "watch again" will be sorted asap - for now, the script is here: for the bits you missed #twitpanto 17:11:36
philipjohn #twitpanto Next year; Air app? iPhone app (@chrisivens)? ;) 17:11:51
Tiggr @philcoyne Didn't see you in the back row, M8... hope you enjoyed it! #twitpanto 17:11:52
joannageary @Mazi I'm very smiley after #twitpanto - was lots of fun! Off to the pub for a post-performance drink, I think. 17:12:13
hrwaldram Encore! Looking forward to watching #twitpanto replay later. Think some of the jokes went over my head, or over my browser. Well done all. 17:12:34
MarcReck Applauds #twitpanto. Big ups to all involved 17:12:49
deejackson @joannageary imVho #twitpanto scarily accurate yardstick of who really gets the message AND the medium Well done guys Caipirinhas all round! 17:13:11
Tiggr Right... #twitpanto over... time to get moving, start and finish Christmas shopping... and return to my hermit cave. Lunch anyone? 17:18:10
nikhewitt If you missed this years #twitpanto you can check out the ongoing transcript here - :-) 17:18:58
continuum_q5 RT @nikhewitt: If you missed this years #twitpanto you can check out the ongoing transcript here - :-) 17:19:32
steverumsby Shame I missed #twitpanto. I'll have to read it through later. Is there a website that shows tweets in chronological order not reverse? 17:19:45
joannageary @steverumsby There will be. In the meantime, here's the script: #twitpanto 17:21:15
catnip Oo, hashtag spam, #twitpanto must have been a success! 17:23:46
DavidACGregory @PRBloke I was round the back with John Barrowman ;-) #twitpanto 17:30:32
JEJMcC RT @dracos: If you have any information on real pantos, or other theatre productions, do add them to :) #twitpanto 17:33:04
stephsirr RT @dracos: If you have any information on real pantos, or other theatre productions, do add them to :) #twitpanto 17:35:40
SoullaStylianou #twitpanto how did it go was there a happy ending? 17:35:41
JayneHowarth everning all - is it safe to reappear now? Was #twitpanto a massive success? 17:36:10
watfordgap @citizensheep @johnpopham @bounder can you do a rerun after 9pm one night please. Way too much sitting on hands (to stop typing!) #twitpanto 17:38:32
karlequin Did I miss #twitpanto again this year? Ah well. Hope it went well :) 17:56:56
hanuman @soba_girl I'm not. Have other things to do tonight. Shame. Looked like fun. Good lute work for #twitpanto btw 18:00:31
katehughes A day of whip cracking. Sadly not of the #twitpanto variety. 18:01:17
BradfordTheatre @KirkleesTownHls Oh yes it is! We can even do it in a Churchill stylee as he's in our current one. Oh Yes (nodding dog head) #twitpanto 18:03:48
joannageary @alexhughes has just perfectly summed up the task @bounder faces when organising #twitpanto: "it's like herding lolcats". 18:20:42
paulbradshaw RT @twitpanto: Until the real transcript is done you can read every bit of the chaos here: #twitpanto 18:52:00
rougeforever Holy crap. Seems #twitpanto happened today, then? 18:59:41
birminghamLEP Enjoyed reading the #twitpanto today. Congratulations to all involved! (@bounder) 19:08:49
gabysslave Have enjoyed the #twitpanto immensely today- Congrats to @bounder and all involved, a fab example of Brum culture at it's best :) x 19:23:56
susanpatricia1 @mandaLouise Been on here all day, Watched the brum twitpanto, well read it. It was all tweets and a few links to other things..haha 19:25:29
kisstheflowers Had a sneaky peek at twitpanto earlier. Thankfully not caught! Looks like everyone had a lot of fun!!! 19:30:20
jayprich RT @joannageary: @alexhughes has just perfectly summed up the task @bounder faces when organising #twitpanto: "it's like herding lolcats". 19:30:38
jayprich ahhhhh - sad to miss #twitpanto this year - can we have a phase of pre-publicity and maybe a website with virtual ticket sales for @audience 19:32:45
gabysslave @peteashton that's just wrong on every level! #twitpanto 19:33:41
pigsonthewing About to manually post the #twitpanto images which TwitPic failed to deliver; Grrrr 19:46:00
mandyrose1 talking bout #twitpanto i truly feel the love thanx guys x 19:46:28
lylebignon how did #twitpanto go guys? 20:25:52
deejackson @theaardvark wish i were there & not making coffee for in-laws! great weekend all & thanks again to #twitpanto gang! made my difficult day!! 20:56:50

What was this?

Twitpanto 2009 was a panto on Twitter, that took place on the 18th of December 2009, at 3.30pm GMT. To replay the panto, use the controls below.

Birmingham Hippodrome For a real panto, go and see Sleeping Beauty at Birmingham Hippodrome.

Cast list

Sleeping Beauty Panto

Sleeping Beauty at Birmingham Hippodrome - Book Now

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Written & directed by Jon Bounds · Set design & construction by Matthew Somerville (Icons by Mark James) · Supported by Birmingham Hippodrome @brumhippodrome